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  1. @Kiwi_Bdan Thanks! Alright we've been using the right one, looks like we'll just be stuck on the date of payment confirmation for a while.
  2. What number do you use to track this? I'm using a number identified in the payment confirmation, but the info isn't particularly helpful. I also checked our I-130 number but that seems like it's reached the end of its usefulness.
  3. We found this confusing as well -- I paid the fee through my account, but it seemed my husband had to verify his identity and create a new account to link the tracking. We also don't have an access code.
  4. We were DQ'd in September after FIFA ended -- it only took about a month for us to receive our IL, and the interview was scheduled for a month later. They definitely don't have a FIFA backlog anymore, but the holidays may get in the way. @Kiwi_Bdan Did you give your mailing address to border control for the green card and SSN when you arrived? I (petitioner) moved between my husband's DS 260 submission and his interview. I updated everything I could (sponsor form, USCIS change of address, etc.) and let the consulate know, but I'm nervous that my husband's green card and social security card will be mailed to the old address.
  5. Yeah, we’re in a similar position. We applied two weeks after getting married. It will be obnoxious to print all of it out, but better safe than sorry I suppose!
  6. Thanks so much! We're also part of that electronically processed thing - so you uploaded all your I-130 evidence of relationship stuff to CEAC as well? This process is so redundant...
  7. Hi all, congrats to all of those who had/have their interviews this month! For the medical, were you given a packet that you brought to the interview? Or was were the results provided directly to the consulate? We received an interview date for November 17th, and they're requesting our documents be delivered two weeks in advance. My husband lives in Wellington, so he was thinking of dropping off the documents the same day as his medical exam to save the extra travel or worry about courier delivery. Also, did you include your I-864 and evidence of relationship? The NVC site indicates to include these in some places but not in others, and we received an email from the consulate that did not include these.
  8. Oh my gosh, I'm so happy for you that your long waits are over!!! Also selfishly happy because this means my husband's interview may not be too delayed (once the NVC accepts our freaking police clearance, which they already have on file).
  9. Yes, I paid each independently and there have been withdrawals from my bank account. Sigh.
  10. We submitted AOS and IV fees on August 3rd and it still says "In Process." We submitted an inquiry yesterday to help coax the fee through approval. Is anyone else having this issue? Anything else we can do to push it through?
  11. Has the Auckland consulate started scheduling interviews again for family-based petitions? Anyone hear yet?
  12. For those of us who have been lucky enough to be approved already - have any of your cases shown a status of "Sent to National Visa Center"? I think that's what's supposed to happen next for us to get our priority date for the NVC. I'm still just so worried about getting lost in all of their mountains of paperwork.
  13. Our I-130 was approved on Saturday! (Weird it shows approved on a weekend, right?) Our NOA1 was dated Sept. 7 and was received from the Texas Service Center, but we've been at Potomac since at least last November.
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