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  1. We had our interview this week, a bit of a harrowing experience so thought I'd share. The interview was on 9/25/18 in Memphis, TN. We are very lucky that the the field office is three blocks from our condo. We arrived 45 minutes early (scheduled for 8 am) and there were already several couples there. The security and staff were very welcoming and friendly, and really made an effort to make everyone feel at ease. We got called back shortly after 8 am. Our IO was very friendly, just like everyone else we encountered there. I brought a mountain of evidence, but all she asked us for were our passports. She told us the file was in great shape, and the interview was merely a formality. But, there was a but......... The doctor in Brazil who performed my wife's vaccinations checked the wrong box on the form. So, they couldn't accept it, even though the vaccinations were documented correctly. So, she was going to have to give us an RFE. We were immediately defeated, as we had meticulously prepared for this day only to be delayed by someone else's mistake. On top of all of this, we are closing on a house very soon and the bank needs to see an I-485 approval to consider my wife's income for the loan (this is a whole other story)! I frantically explained this to the IO, and she was very receptive and we could tell she really felt for us. She told us to take the form to a civil surgeon to be corrected. She told us when we got it corrected we could come back to see her and gave us a verbal commitment that we would receive immediate approval along with a letter and passport stamp. She even told the security to expect us in the next few days and to let us in the office. So, we did just that. But it doesn't end there. We were able to see a civil surgeon that day. But, when she reviewed the form she discovered that not only did the doc check the wrong box, he gave my wife improper vaccines! So, she ended up having to have another round of shots that were not cheap! She also told us that she has seen several people from Brazil with the exact same issue and coming from the same doctor! So, if you are in Sao Paulo, please beware of Dr. Furbetta! He has caused problems for many AOS applicants. So, after that adventure, we took the corrected DS-3025 back to the field office, were again greeted warmly by security, and the IO made good on her promise and approved us on the spot. We got the letter and the stamp, and our online status changed an hour later. I can't say enough about how good this IO was to us. She really went out of her way to help us. Good luck to all those interviewing soon, and be sure to double check your DS-3025!!!!
  2. Just letting April folks know we received our interview notice in the mail yesterday. No case update online (still shows ready to be scheduled), it just showed up in the mail. The interview is scheduled for 9/25 in Memphis, TN. Our NOA1 date is 4/23 - so just about 5 months total, not bad. We did have Congressional intervention to expedite our EAD, which was received two weeks ago, so I am not sure if that had some effect on interview scheduling as well. Good luck to all, and I hope more April filers get some good news soon!
  3. We chose severe financial loss, but since we got the same response as you, USCIS never even gave us the chance to submit the evidence. As far as what we gave the Congressman: we just submitted the privacy release form and the offer letter. The Congressman submitted the documents to the NBC the same day, and we got approval notice two days later.
  4. Same thing happened to us. The day I received that message I contacted my Congressman for help and we had the EAD a week later. I would suggest you do the same thing!
  5. I would just wait a bit. We did the same thing and received the EAD on Monday July, 30. I just checked informed delivery and saw that the SS Card is being delivered today - so four days from receiving EAD.
  6. Sorry to hear about your sister. Ours was approved within two days of receiving the evidence, mailed two days after that, and received about four days later. So, it was just over a week total and things seemed to move very fast after they received it. If you experience any delays, I would urge you to contact your state representative to make an inquiry on your behalf. Good luck!
  7. themollusk79

    I miss Canada oh so much :(

    One thing my wife did was to look for others from her country (Brazil) living in the area. Look for groups on Facebook, etc. That gave her a comfortable starting point to network, and in turn she has made a ton of friends (from both Brazil and the US) in the area and now has a more active social life than I do!
  8. Well, I answered my own question, haha. It does come from USCIS and shows as: USCIS-CORBIN PRODUCTION FACILITY CORBIN ,KY
  9. Our EAD has been mailed as well. Just curious, when you track it does it say it is coming from USCIS? I have several packages showing up in my informed delivery and trying to see if that is one of them....
  10. You should have the card in about a week. They just say 120 days to cover themselves in case of delay. Congrats!
  11. My congressman's immigration liaison sent the proof. She had direct access to the NBC, which I can only assume sped up the process.
  12. We just got a notification that my wife's EAD card is being produced. To summarize our expedite process: 7/13/18 - wife received job offer 7/16/18 - contacted USCIS to request EAD expedite 7/23/18 - received letter from USCIS stating there were too many expedite requests and they wouldn't honor ours 7/23/18 - contacted Congressman and submitted privacy release and offer letter 7/25/18 - EAD card in production It was less than a 2-day turnaround since contacting our Congressman. I know this doesn't work for everyone and every case is different. I think the important thing is to not give up and try multiple angles to get through to USCIS. Now we wait for the GC. Have been 'ready to schedule interview' since 5/21/18.
  13. Do you care to share your expedite experience? It seems peoples' experiences are all over the map. Some are quick and take about 2 weeks start to finish, and others much longer.
  14. Job offers. She is an architect, so she was not applying for jobs online and found out about positions by word of mouth. She had several interviews and received job offers from several firms. She was upfront about the EAD status, and the firm she ultimately chose is willing to be flexible on the start date and we are using that offer to expedite the EAD.
  15. I think it depends on what field you are in and the employer's needs. My wife had several interviews and was upfront that her EAD was pending and still received offers.