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  1. Jessandc

    DS-160 : Relative's status

    Hi @Valmabe So glad to hear that your mom and sister got the visa approved! and I am sorry for your niece, wish she can try at another time Be patient on the K1 process, I know how it feels, but it will be worth in the end I really wish you a best luck on the process!
  2. Hi @usmsbow ! Sorry I mean I have the copy of medical result from embassy. The original medical result was given to the officer at POE Thank you for the idea! I really appreciate that I didn't think that way before. I'll go to some CSs and bring the print out of the I-693 instructions. Once again thanks a lot!
  3. Hi VJers. I am now in process to apply for AOS from K1 Visa. I have a confusion related to DS-3205 and I-693. So I already did the physical exam and vaccinations (Tdap, Influenza, and Varicella) in my home country. I did not get the MMR vaccination since MMR vaccine currently unavailable from manufacturers in Indonesia. My DS-3205 (on page Vaccination Document Worksheet) is ticked Immigrant Visa or Parolee applicant completed vaccination requirements. Do I still need to find civil surgeon and have them to fill out the I-693 Form? Or just submit the medical result and vaccination record along with AOS package? I did get the MMR Vaccine in the US one week ago. So I have the MMR vaccination record now. My husband and I already called more than 10 CS but they all insist that I must redo the whole medical exam which I don't need and cost expensive. We told them about the situation and only need them to transfer the information from DS-3205 to I-693. This is really frustrating I don't want my husband pay more just for something I don't need. I would really appreciate if anyone from the forum knows about a helpful CS in Memphis area. I searched for the Memphis CS from Civil Surgeons who DON'T rip you off forum but I didn't get one. I would appreciate any suggestions or insight about this case. Thank you!
  4. Jessandc

    DS-160 : Relative's status

    Hi @tirzajogja My mom and brother had the interview in Jakarta, but only my mom that was granted the tourist visa. Still feel bad but at least the officer allows one of them to attend my wedding In my case, I prepared some documents (wedding invitation and invitation letter from me and fiancé) for mom and brother and the officer did look at the documents thoroughly (based on what mom told me). My mom said not all officer want to see the documents we bring, but better safe than sorry Best luck for you and parents!
  5. Jessandc

    DS-160 : Relative's status

    Hi @Valmabe . I apply the visa for my mom and brother after I travel to the US. This is my personal experience and I think you could apply either way For me, I prefer to apply after I enter the US so I can send them my wedding invitation and details about it (although the interviewer may not ask for those documents but we’re over-prepared). Besides that, my mom and brother couldn’t travel together with me since they have a job and school to do in home country, and my wedding will be held one month after my arrival in the US. It’s a pretty long time and they can’t stay that long in the US. That’s my main concern why I apply after I enter the US. In my opinion, you can do that either way. Good luck and wish you the best! Sorry I miss your first question @Valmabe . They haven’t had the interview yet. But I do hope the best for my mom and brother!
  6. Jessandc

    DS-160 : Relative's status

    @AL-MJD thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it
  7. Jessandc

    DS-160 : Relative's status

    Hi VJers! I would like to ask about DS-160 filling in Family Information part. My mom fills out the DS-160 to visit and attend my wedding in the US. There is a question "Do you have any immediate relatives, not including parents, in the United States?" and my mom clicks "Yes" since I am in the States now. Then she has to provide the following information, such as Surnames, Given Names, Relationship to You, and Relative's Status. We are confused what to select on the Relative's Status. I am a K1 Visa holder but not married yet now. Should we select U.S. Legal Permanent Resident (LPR), Nonimmigrant, or Other/I don't know? I am pretty confused since K1 Visa seems like a hybrid of nonimmigrant and immigrant visa. I would appreciate any advice from y'all. Thank you in advance!