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  1. Awesome!!!!! I thought I found my dream job but now looking again 😆
  2. Haha just few hours ago got an email that “On June 16th we ordered your new card” 🎉
  3. Send email to the embassy. They will send the package 3 to your email. Yes, you can book the medical already.
  4. So few experiences from our interview which was yesterday. Our interview time was at 830am. We arrived around 8 am and got ticket 8.05. Waited about 30 minutes when our name was called. The officer told us how the interview would go and started recording. He asked lot of extra questions and checked every address and every date where I had lived in the past 5 years. If I said like I moved on 1st July but on the papers were like 2nd July or 15th July he would then ask more questions. I didn’t have copy of the i-485 and I didn’t read it through previous night which clearly I should have, so TIP: read through your application the previous day. Some of the questions were tricky and I froze couple of times and my husband didn’t remember what year we met etc. Like if I would say "our dog or our house" he would then say who is our? Which for me that was just being ####### (this was end side of the interview) Or if I would say that depending on the week blaablaa, then he would ask what do you mean by depending on? Like I mean not all our weeks look a like. An then I AGAIN had to explain what do I mean by that. He asked everything from my parents names to his moms name, where do we live, when did we moved there, when I arrived, where did I arrive, where did we met, what was the place called (Like my husband said we met in Montreal and he would asked and where is that), what did we do in Montreal? Who spoke the first time, how did it go from there etc. He didn't ask how many times we have met or anything like that. We did tell him that anyway. He took some of our pictures, tax returns and insurance details and some other documents. But not my birth certificate or lot of other stuff like the vaccination papers (I forgot to even show him those). And of course all the yes/no questions and he then made like 9 corrections to our application and then we went it through together and when we both agreed it was fine we then signed it with the officer together. He then said that something was missing or he needed to check something from our K1 file and he has asked for it but hasn’t received it yet (he also said it’s in another building?) and that if we need another interview he will let us know. Also he kept repeating that: this is a process, this is a process. (Pretty sure we know that). Also middle of the interview he took his wallet and took something from there and started writing to the computer. LOL. I don’t know how unlucky we were with this dude. About an hour later got an email and the status changed to: Interview Was Completed And My Case Must Be Reviewed I was shocked whole day yesterday how I (or we) was treated and how difficult this process is. I have calmed down little and now all we can do is wait what happens next. I truly hope that all of you have better experience than we did.
  5. It wasn't Garrison, something else... He said that something is missing or he needs to check from our K1 file and he didn't have it. Then we asked if its something that we would have etc. Then he was like its a process, I don't know how long it would take or if you need another interview. He was something else.
  6. He just asked LOT of questions. And I just realized he didn’t even take the vaccination document from me. Lot of tricky questions. Also if every date or detail wasn’t sure (like I would say I moved from that apartment 1st July) he would say: it shows here 2nd. Which one it is?
  7. Just did our interview and it took 1,5 hours!!!!!! Not a pleasant experience at all. 😭
  8. Are here anyone that has done their interview? So we have our interview next week and I was planning to travel home like the same day after the interview. I have my combo card already so if we are approved at the spot.... Do they take my combo card right there or how does it work? Is it safe for me to change my flights already or should I wait? Can it be a problem at the interview?
  9. You might want to take few Apostille and then you could just make copies of them. At the AOS you will need them and also for the interview when that time comes. Yes, you can go to pharmacy and ask them to print out them (its free) and you can also ask from Kela if you need to buy more medication that the prescriptions normally would allow you to. They have a certain form for that (like you could buy medication for 6 months for a year which you couldn't normally do in Finland). Depending on what kind of diagnose it is... If it's something major, you would need to translate them all officially. With my own, I basically just said to my doctor I have this and this and I my medication have been this. And then she just gave me the prescription (might be different name here). But I don't have any major issues though. When you did your medical did the doctor put your diagnosis in the paperwork?
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