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  1. Thanks for your response. Consider this scenario, your case is completed and you're notified that you're scheduled for interview, how many days do they give you to prepare for it, because I believe you need to be able to do your medicals as well.
  2. Hi, My spouse and I are at the NVC stage. I'm claiming my parent as my dependent this year which qualifies me as a Head of Household, compared to Married Filing Separately for the years before. Is this change going to affect our NVC process negatively? My understanding is that IRS treats Head of Household unmarried, here are some information about my case: 1- We haven't lived together in a house most of the year (as she is not allowed in the country yet) 2- I can now claim my parent, since I pay all the expenses What worries me is change from Married filed separately under which for Social Security I would note as NRA (Non-Resident Alien), but now the tax files generated don't even show that I'm married. What's the best course of action in this particular case? Thanks!
  3. For every 20 time you try, one goes through.