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  1. Lol I know what you mean not to give extra info . I just feel like there will be 1000s of questions asked" why we don't have this or that and why we moved so many times, why we were keeping so low our bank account " and since I dont want to lie I will just burst about his debts and stuff😤
  2. Thank you for your post , really appreciate it. I am stressed out because I see other couples living a normal life where they can provide all the documents needed and we were pretty much running from his creditors these last 4-5 years risking my immigration status by not adding nothing else into both of our names. The issue also is that bank account , insurance and bills we added 9 months prior to ROC and didn't have anything together before that , so there is a huge gap of no financial evidence at all.
  3. We have 4 years of taxes together, utility bills together but we didnt have it from the start since we moved around a lot, joint bank account which we keep low , health insurance on and off when he was unemployed , car insurance, cell phone plan together , pictures , trips, affidavits , we are going to buy a car together before that were driving my father in laws cars . We dont have everything that most couples have here and are trying to get by without loosing my sanity. My fear is that IO will not believe that we are in this mess with lacking evidence and when I would bring up my husband's debt as a reason it wouldn't look good
  4. Thank you for the reply. Just want to explain better: my credit score is 750+ Ibuilt it from scratch my father in law added me on his cc and I openned another secured one myself and built my score throughout 2 years. We are not on food stamps or gov. aid but his creditors can sue us and get our bank account levied since we live in NV which is a community property state and the only exemption is 2000$ that they can't touch so we keep our account low and can't own anything together or a lien can be placed on anything we own.
  5. Hello everyone , Please try not to judge me for being so naive for a long time. I am really stressed out and nervous for the mistakes I made as I was new to US and trusted my DH to take care of my paperwork and immigration which he was terrible in. I didn't have anyone else here so I took whatever he said as it is. Long story short - came to US with fiance visa, married a US husband in 2014, got first conditional GC with no interview in 2016. So neither I nor him knew that we have to lift the conditions of my 2 year GC until like 9 months prior to expiration. In addition to that we pretty much didn't have anything together since he defaulted on his private student loans. Banks were not fair to him, overcharged and didnt work with him when he was unemployed and ruined his credit and he later on explained to me that it's not a biggie and after 7 years it will go away( me coming from a country where there are no student loans and a credit score just blindly believed him). We lived with my father in law so not even bills or a lease together. When I found out his student loan creditors can come after us it was too late , his loans were sent to collections , ballooned and resold couple times and no payment arrangments would work. Fast forward end of 2018 I applied for citizenship since ROC was taking so long and it will take until like mid 2020 for the combo i751 /N400 interview letter to come. For me its a very unhealthy and stressful life (he takes it way more easier) where we try not to have anything under both of our names( even though it's his debt made prior to our marriage but we live in a community property state so even half of my wages can be taken) and not have more than 2000$ in the bank account although no one yet sued him for 5 years and the statute of limitations is 6 years in our state. I know it will raise a lot of questions at the interview and IO might question my good moral since we live a life like that or question if our marriage is real cause we dont have much together but taxes, bills, photos, trips. To my defence I was never late in any of bills or dues in my life and I am the opposite of my husband and wish he had told me before the marriage when we had enough funds to take care of his student loans instead of going to an expensive Eurotrip for the Honeymoon but he didn't so here I am, can't sleep and very frustrated with him and myself😔 I would appreciate any thoughts or if anyone else heard of a messy situation like this. What was the outcome if any and what would you suggest me to do?
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