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  1. Green Card in hand today! Everyones day will come! Thank you to all of you that answered questions and helped us get organized! Hubby is so excited to finally be able to work!!
  2. The form that comes in the mail after your I-129F is accepted. I-797 i think? Also your I-94 showing that you entered the country legally. That is what we took for this and we were fine.
  3. March 12 filer here. Chicago. We had our interview yesterday and the officer said that we are approved but she is going to do a last minute check to make sure all of the documents are there. It was a relatively easy process. I am 100% sure that they have cameras to watch the couples interact in the lobby while they wait to be interviewed. I brought my 6yo son to the interview with us because I knew that there was no better proof then showing the relationship between him and his step-father. All went well. I am anxiously waiting for the status to change on the USCIS site just so I can breathe. The thing that no one has mentioned yet was a bit shocking for me - the binder the officer goes through showing all of the forms/ proof/ etc that was literally 6 inches thick! I told her - OMG, is that all of the documentation I have been mailing in for the last 1.5 years and she said YEP! Wow.
  4. I understand that you are frustrated. My husband has not seen his family in 10 months too and he is fighting depression about it. He really wants to work too and our EAD is scheduled to come end of September so I think that the Green Card will actually beat the EAD in our case. We got our RFIE in April and sent in the documents needed. It stayed RFIE Response Received until July 17 when it changed to Ready to be Scheduled for Interview. On August 9th it changed again to Interview is scheduled. Our interview is Sept 16. I know that this is hard, and I don't really know what to say except you are not alone and we are all here waiting with you. Your new life with your soul mate will be worth it.
  5. Thank you so much for all of this information! It makes me feel a lot better, and now I can focus on putting it all together! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend!
  6. Question - I am gathering all documents for our Green Card interview and on the checklist is asks for "Original copy of each and every supporting document that you submitted with your application. Otherwise, we may keep your originals for our records." Are they asking for ANOTHER full copy of our I-485? Or are they saying that they want a copy of the supporting documents from the Interview Checklist? With the original documents I sent, as well as the RFIE and supporting documents, they should have all they need right? Where does this stuff disappear to?
  7. I did that and was told that there would NOT be another status update until it changed to "Ready to be scheduled for an interview"
  8. Ah you are right. I’m getting my status updates confused. We sat on RFIE Response received for about 2.5 months before our status changed to Interview Ready To Be Scheduled. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Are you sure? My interview was ready to be scheduled on August 9th and our interview is on Sept 16. Chicago normally has a 11-30 month wait but something happened and we got scheduled! I don't think you will be waiting much longer!
  10. I thought it was going to be longer too! We are at 9:30!! Good luck!
  11. Question - going through AOS interview checklist and they need an I-693. Since our vaccination record is still less than a year old, can I just bring the form from the doctor, or do I need to fill out the 693 again? And I can use the same I-864 that I already did for the Affidavit of Support right? I will add more paystubs but nothing else has changed.
  12. We are scheduled for 9/16 in Chicago too! We filed mid March and I was SHOCKED that we got through so fast! Congrats!
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