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  1. Lone Wolf

    How to find out OLD "A" number?

    The first time I ever tried it was early 2015, never a problem. Before that I was cruel and used the send someone else to stand in line method. Never knew of or tried the old system. Cebu Pacific used to be like that, painfully work your way through their clunky online booking just to have the payment process fail.
  2. Lone Wolf

    How to find out OLD "A" number?

    Getting documents from NSO/PSA is one thing the Philippines deserves a compliment on. The online system is great, response quick, price cheap. I was shockingly impressed. Used to be a line up at 5am type of thing.
  3. Lone Wolf

    How to find out OLD "A" number?

    I was thinking of doing that. But wanted to check if anyone knew if there was a way to obtain it. I did not want to chance a rejection or delay. I noticed USCIS lists Texas as the only place to file. But processing times for Texas is only for K3/K4's and I did notice California lists K1/K2/K3/K4. I am guessing everyone submits I-129F through Texas and then they are processed at different regional offices based on the address of the petitioner. Is that how it works?
  4. Lone Wolf

    How to find out OLD "A" number?

    Legally, that is not true. I just had lawyers that were ripping me off. I will forgo the rant and explanation. Cheaper, quicker and less risky to go to Guam. But I do have a friend that was able to get an annulment in the Philippines. I did have a case in the Philippines, valid grounds from the doctor we had been trying to get her help with. If you have an honest lawyer and live (or pretend to live) in the right RTC area it is possible. It was actually due to the "Recognition of Divorce" issue that I tried the annulment route, for her sake. As a foreigner one ("Recognition of Divorce" ) should not be needed IF a foreigner wanted to get married in the Philippines again, foreigners show proof from their country that they are not married, not a CENOMAR. Yes, this was my second marriage to a Filipina, and from the doctor I found out what the issue was and what to look out for.
  5. Lone Wolf

    How to find out OLD "A" number?

    I will be filing for I-129F for my fiancee as soon as my divorce is final (don't ever try getting an annulment in the Phils if you're a foreigner). One issue I have run into is question #43 & #44. I did file a I-129F January of 2008 (Or December 2007, not 100% positive). I no longer have any records of this petition. No clue of exact dates or the "A" number. Can anyone point me in the right direction of how I can get this information (forget the ex, she got what she wanted and will not respond to help)? Background: Filed I-129F around January 2008. A K-1 visa was granted in May (or June) of 2008. Married July 2008. Divorced final April 2012.