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  1. No, we just got as far as the NOA 2. Long.. short... because of the kids we're probably going to delay for another 4 or 5 years. Was discussing with her about having a wedding in PI w/o license because of divorce recognition if she wanted to. She said she thought I didn't need the divorce recognized by the RTC. I'm not finding anything on point and was trying to verify what I was telling her was accurate. Probably no problem getting the license, but when reported to PSA wonder if it would be considered bigamy.
  2. But do they match them and/or care for foreigner?
  3. That sounds like the paperwork that needs to be submitted to the NSO. I do know it was registered with the NSO, I was going to apply for a 13a but then realized it probably would not even last long enough to get through the process.
  4. What confuses me is that says "Filipino spouse", I am not Filipino. But the marriage is registared with the NSO.
  5. U.S. citizen married to a Filipina in the Philippines, received divorce in the U.S. from filipino wife. Is all I need is a "Affidavit In Lieu of Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry" from the embassy or would I have to get the divorce recognized in the Philippines since my last marriage was in the Philippines to a Filipino? Off Topic: Is there a place online foreigners are monitoring/discussing COVID, travel, and the Philippines. Personally had tickets to come back March 19 but flight to Davao got cancelled. Now I don't know if/when I can go back. Had K1 application approval but need to make other plans.
  6. I am assuming you are saying for my sake is in case she would apply for it without me knowing. Is that a correct assumption? Or is there another reason? I am not worried about her doing anything like that. She just is not like that. She is overwhelmed by the situation and trying to get her head together. I have to admit I made matters worse. I want to keep the ability for her to apply, I was just wondering if keeping it open if it could cause harm if she does not apply before it expires. The NOA2 had a valid to 3/27/2020 date, so I assume that is when the ability to apply expires. She should know if she can deal with the process and other issues before then. I was wondering though if it was close to the expiration date if the date to apply can be extended? I am upset with the situation, but I understand and I want to give her as much time as possible.
  7. I thought you needed a good reason to get a waiver. The girl changing her mind doesn't sound or look good. I know the notice said I was now entered into the multiple applicant data base. I was thinking they were looking for visa fraud, domestic abuse and human trafficking, but then I heard you needed a really good reason. I just don't know.
  8. Am I supposed to notify someone if she is not going to apply now?
  9. I don't know. I got my, I guess ex fiancee, application approved for her to apply and now she won't apply. Doesn't want to deal with it if she does have TB again. I could fix things if I could go back and be with her during the process, but I can't because I could lose one of my eyes if I don't continue treatment. I said I would give her P17,500 a month because she would be out of work, a little more if it was really needed.We lived together for 2 years, I feel like an idiot. It was my second application for a K1, now I can't even apply again. Sorry for the drama, just, well.......
  10. FYI, at the moment the 5 steps can be found at https://ph.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/fiancee-visa/the-interview/
  11. Also, does she have to fill out the DS160, or can I do that for her?
  12. Manila website? Do you have a link, sorry I am confused as to what you are referring to.
  13. Ok. Once NVC Forwards do we have to wait until something from the embassy is sent to her. Or if I contact NVC and get the case number she can fill out the DS160 and set up an interview? If I understand correctly we are about a month away to being able to submit the DS160, is that correct?
  14. Where does that put it in the processing time. She seemed to indicate that it would just take a few days to get to the embassy. But NOA2 is 11/29. I see a graph (https://www.visajourney.com/content/consulate-k1-historical/) That says NVC has about 26 days processing time. Then I thought it was forwarded to the embassy. Do I wait for a notice from NVC to know when to contact the embassy?
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