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  1. My parents had their interview on July 18th and were approved same day but ceac changed from ready to Ap. Visa was issued on July 25th and received notification for passport pickup on August 9th. They will join me on Friday August 23rd. Good luck to every body!!
  2. Did you get any visa packet apart from your passport? My parents only got their passports.
  3. Comparing your timeline with my parents, I think your passport will be ready for pick up by next week.
  4. Does ceac says issued? My parents visa was issued a week after interview. Below is their timeline. interview; July 18th 2019 AP ; July 19th 2019 issued; July 25th 2019 passport pick up; August 9th 2019
  5. Yes! They received their passports on August 9th. It too 3 weeks, 1 day from their interview date to receive it.
  6. Congratulations! I’m excited for you. Still waiting for my parents passports. It’s been 3wks already
  7. I don’t know what this means but hope it’s a positive news. Don’t give up! 🤞
  8. @Yen-Naah and @MMatrimony and updates on your visas? Did ceac changed from AP to issues?
  9. Any updates? Did u pick up your passport yet?
  10. Wow! It’s been 4wks already and nothing from dhl? I guess we have a long way to go
  11. @Yen-Naah any update on your visa yet? This Ceac change to issued?
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