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  1. Congratulations!!! You'll have your card delivered before weekend. 😊
  2. Congratulations!!! You can close that bad chapter of the book now and start a new one.
  3. Following. I'm trying to get hold of NVC, can't get through their automated answer yet. Good luck to us.
  4. It will. I know just how you are feeling now. I'm in the same shoes last week. Iafter the interview I want to be optimistic all the tume but the negativity keeps clouding my hope too. As I was driving back home, I was making back-up plans if I will be sent back to my home country. That's why when my Attorney told me the goods news, it is more joyful to hear. God wants us to be appreciate more what we have. You'll get your approval notice soon.
  5. OMG you made me laugh this morning. Stalker....hehehe. yeah it should be easy for the Doctor to sign, good his considerate. Congrats. Mine is updated 6 days later only.
  6. Same thing for me everything is blank this morning. The last I got from USCIS website is the USPS delivery tracking number yesterday.
  7. @Elena hope, thanks for sharing your timeline. Wow Texas is moving a lot faster for interview dates than Chicago. Mine was 9 months after VAWA approval. Won't complain though, everything is in God's time. Just check it on the USCIS page, no need to log in. I got the USPS tracking number for my GC there today.
  8. @Elena Hope Congratulations!!! You will get your approval soon. Seems your case moved quicker than the rest of us. Can you please share your timeline?
  9. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you too. We're you able to bring your medical and are you approved on the spot? I got my online update only after a week same time as my atty received the approval notice.
  10. Thank you. You'll receive your approvsl notice soon.
  11. Thank you. Mostly biographic information for myself. Nothing on the abuse. I am thankful the lady officer is very welcoming and casual. She did ask for my current marital status and ask for a copy of the divorce paper. I only have the original on hand so she made a copy from it.
  12. Thanks Ziongirl, yes I know this form -Derivative to follow, i have helped my niece fill this out before but we have to ask someone for financial support. Hope ours won't need it. You're right it takes shorter processingbtimes mostly consular. I'm just trying to avoid attorney fees for this coz consular processing is not included in my case.
  13. Thanks, does Vawa Petitioner need to provide financial support to for their children?
  14. Indeed, this journey has made me closer to Him. He's been my strength and hope. Question: Can anyone guide me to the next step for my 2 children. They're outside the country but they're approve as derivative dependents.
  15. To God all the glory, rigth now I'm crying and laughing, I just saw an email from USCIS, when I check it says card under production. Good day to everyone.
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