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  1. does that happen? GC in mail without interview?
  2. congratulations @Simplegirl1984!! i wanted to ask you if you checked it on uscis website for "case status" or did you or your lawyer received anything through mail?
  3. Congratulations @Stillwinning!!!😊 sending more prayers your way !
  4. Hi Ms.Sandra my attorney is still representing me.
  5. hello everyone ! i see some of you talking about Ar11 is that for just mailing purposes or for physical address cause my mailing address is my lawyers and my physical address is different. please throw some light.
  6. Thank you so much ! i am gonna start working on this .
  7. oh i get it now no i wasn't so is it better to get a home country police office clearance beforehand or wait for approval/RFE ?
  8. thank you so much Lola for typing it out ! i came to USA in march 2016 so yeah i have been here for more than three years now
  9. Hi everyone ! i see a lot of you got RFEs for police clearance from home country how to obtain this without having to visit one's home country. also what is FBI clearance and how to obtain that ? i remember submitting Good Conduct certificate but have no clue about home police clearance/FBI clearance .
  10. very happy for you @escape! God is great ! can you please write in detail about your interview. 40 mins is quite a long one. what all did the officer ask and did your attorney accompany you and if so was he/she answering too or was it just you.
  11. appreciate your motivational and comforting words.:) what did you have to submit for good faith marriage ? for shared residence?
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