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  1. Amen ! your replies and comfort helped me always. Keep up the good work.May God bless you with bounties.
  2. Hi All ! Hope you all are doing well and staying safe. I am waiting for my i-485 interview. VAWA and i-485 filed together in december 2017, Vawa approved December 2019(By God's grace ). This forum has been really helpful.@stillwinning and @sandraj are a great blessing to this forum. Recently i have been reading of i-485 approvals without interview but couldn't keep a track. Can you guys reply to this post whoever got it without interviews so we can keep the count please . Thanks in Advance warriors !
  3. Thanks so much again Your words and prompt responses always calm me down the anxiety in this journey. Will do so!
  4. Hi Everyone I hope you all are doing well and staying safe. MY Timeline in brief- i-360 and i-485 filed in december 2017 I-360 approved in december 2019 The case status for i-485 shows "Name was updated " after the i-360 approval No update on my i-485 case since my vawa approval apart from Name has been updated . I see people discussing about updates on file transfer to NBC or to local office. This got me alarmed.Thats the reason i am posting here. Any help or guidance or if someone can please share if they had similar experience as me would be highly appreciated. because it's been more than 7 months since my approval. Thanks in Advance. @sandranj @Stillwinning!!!😊
  5. Ok.Thank you so much ! i was wondering shall i wait it out for few weeks more may be ,considering the covid situation
  6. Yeah NYC. Can you please provide details on how to contact congressperson ? and what exactly do we tell them ?
  7. really ? i thought its when you originally file it with VAWA Please correct me guys if i am wrong
  8. NYC office. what date does it show for your region in the case processing times
  9. Hi everyone, hope you guys are doing well and staying safe. I filed my vawa and i-485 in dec 2017, the vawa got approved december 2019 now i am waiting for the i-485 interview.The uscis website processing times (receipt date for inquiry. )for i-485 for my region shows 28 dec 2017. what should i do ?
  10. Hi everyone.I hope you guys are doing well and staying safe. My VAWA and i-485 were filed in december 2017 Vawa got approved Dec 2019 Now waiting for the i-485 interview i checked the USCIS case processing times for i-485 for NYC (just three days ago the Receipt date for a case inquiry was October 2017,Today it showed December 27 2017) My receipt date was 12/12/2017. What should i do ?
  11. hi everyone Hope everyone is doing well. I had a question,...i recently saw a post on facebook forum (the lady got her GC. without an interview after almost 9 months of Vawa approval ) is this a new thing of no interview or it has been for some cases since long ? Take care everyone.Stay safe.
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