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  1. If you look on the list of visa types that are entitled to an EAD based on the visa status alone, you will see K1 is on this list. This means a long time ago when applications didn’t take months to process, a k1 could come, apply for EAD and work up until the 90th day. They would need to submit another EAD before the 90 days when they do AOS because they K1 EAD cannot be extended or renewed because the K1 status is expired. So you would need to file another EAD application based on AOS status, this is why if you file EAD with AOS, the fee is free, because by the time you get it, you usually get your Green card a few weeks to a month later, which negates the purpose of the EAD because you don’t need it anymore. So long story short: -you can get EAD based off K1 status alone -it will expire the same day your I-94 K1 status expires -it cannot be renewed or extended -the only way to get it before the 90 day k1 status is up, is to expedite it, and then expedite the expedite. -It can go a lot quicker if your fiancé already has biometrics on file from a previous visa or petition, so they don’t need to schedule a biometrics appointment. Our 90 days was up this past weekend, we expedited the second EAD, based off having a current job, when we filed AOS paperwork and it should arrive in the next couple of days.
  2. Medical/Financial reasons. But the EAD was based on K1 status, not on AOS status. So we paid the EAD fee, he got a 3 month EAD, which expires soon. Now we need another EAD for pending AOS, which will be “free.”
  3. Mine was received on March 2nd. Just called my bank today to trace the cashier’s check, and they don’t see it being cashed yet. But hopefully soon. They are a lot slower now than they were early January.
  4. Your case was at the consulate or NVC? If it was at NVC this is obviously an error. If it was at the consulate, then I’d say this is probably normal, and just wait for their response. I am an original plaintiff who was stuck at NVC. When the consulate requested all of our files be sent to them and then the next day they started calling all 6-7 of us to verify address to send P3, everyone’s case status, except mine, changed to refused. Mine stayed ready until after our interview. Theirs stayed in refused status until their visas were issued and mailed. So it’s probably nothing. They can’t refuse you until there’s been an interview anyway, so just wait for their email response. Also the consulate usually replies to emails around 1am eastern time to about 4am eastern time, and usually to the emails they received before 3pm eastern time the day before. So typically there is an 15 hour delay between responses. If you sent your email at like 8pm tonight (Wednesday) for example, they wouldn’t respond to you until Monday most likely. But before 3pm Wednesday they would respond to you by 3am Friday morning.
  5. I guess you like spending hundreds of extra dollars on education evaluations, translations, waiting weeks to get letters from the credit bureaus stating that you don’t have a credit report because you’ve never lived in the country, etc. For those reasons alone it delays people almost a month or more in in filing their AOS paperwork.
  6. It has been enjoined and will not be enforced due to the court order that came out an hour ago. DHS says they will be relying on interim guidance from the 1999 guidance issued previously about Public charge until final guidance is issued soon. Which means all the stuff we had to provide for public charge, including the public charge form, are no longer required.
  7. So with public charge being dead 💀 now, these are the documents/evidence you DON’T have to provide anymore: - Education/Degree evaluation translation - Credit report/no record of credit report - Bank statements - English proficiency proof - Health Insurance coverage - I-944 These are the documents you WILL need for AOS, EAD, AP, & Affidavit of support: - I-94 - Birth certificate(translated if not on English) - Marriage Certificate - Copy of K1 Visa - Copy of Passport Bio Page and K1 Entry Stamp - I-129F NOA2 (approval notice) - Financial Documents for Affidavit of Support (employed: W-2/Tax Return and Tax Transcript for 2019 or 2020. Self-employed: Schedule C and Tax Transcript for either 2019 or 2020) Public charge burn 🔥 baby 🔥 burn 🔥 DHS Statement
  8. They sent all 5 cases from NVC that were also plaintiffs in the lawsuit. They were all sent the same day, sent Friday arrived Monday, we all got phone calls from the consulate the next day, P3’s were sent and it’s responded to, interviews are being scheduled
  9. Yes, I’m a part of the lawsuit, the original plaintiff actually haha.
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