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  1. A couple of us have been monitoring and waiting this thing out since January. I’ll give you the short and sweet of what we know. DHL hack isn’t going to work for China, even before COVID, no shipment was ever found going to China using the hack. Petitions in China specifically were halted January 29th. Those whose petitions were received by the consulate two weeks prior, are still there collecting dust. Those whose were supposed to be sent out after January 29th are still at NVC and NVC will not release them, until the CONSULATE in Guangzhou tells them to send the petitions. It doesn’t matter what’s happening at any other consulate or embassy in any other country. If the consulate does not give NVC the ok, they will continue to hold them there. The consulates do have limited staff there for emergency services. They don’t know when anything is going to reopen and if you email them they will either tell you “visa services are suspended and we don’t know specifically will they will resume,” or “you case is still at NVC, contact them direct for in inquiries.” NVC is still processing and produces case numbers and invoice numbers for received petitions. So once Guangzhou says ok, it will be shipped. They don’t know when it will happen and they can’t give you any other info except case numbers and invoice numbers. And they may or may not email you when it’s shipped out to Guangzhou, so we’ll have to rely on each other calling every week asking if it’s been shipped *****CHINA TRAVEL BAN******* Because of Trump’s proclamation banning travel to individuals who had traveled to China within 14 days before their proposed entry into America, this means that almost ALL visas will not be issued( IE: no interviews scheduled), until that ban is lifted, regardless of if the consulates in China open back up. The ban supposedly doesn’t affect spouses or children of US citizens and PRs so CR1’s should be ok in this regard. Students, K1’s, tourists visas, etc will not be ok. So in order for the majority of us to get our loved ones over here, the consulates need to open back up AND Trump has it rescind that proclamation. State department released a reopening three phased plan, that outlines that consulates would fully resume services when phase III is reached however that is contingent upon several factors happening over two 14 week periods, and again even if they do reopen, the ban has to be lifted before any interviews would be scheduled and potentially before Guangzhou even gives NVC the ok to send our petitions to them. Based on information from many sources, all student visa appointments that were scheduled in July on Wednesdays at the Shengyang consulate are cancelled yesterday by email. What does it mean? Not sure. So dates that you see posted saying this embassy and these consulates have appointments available for such and such date, are correct because you can schedule them, however they can be cancelled at any time, and as you know CR1 and K1 interviews have to be green lit before we can go in there and schedule it in the appointment system. Meaning someone at the embassy has to upload your case number into the appointment system in order for you to be able to schedule the appointment, if no one has done that, if you try to schedule it will say case number not found. That’s the gist of it my friends. So what’s the plan now? Continue to wait, make contingency plans if necessary, and monitor/follow each other’s timelines so if one of us has movement, that’s the indication that things have resumed over there. Also if you can, monitor Weibo for chatter about student visas. My feeling is they will HAVE to do something by July for the students because America is not going to miss out on that $44 Billion that international students bring to our economy annually. So they will either be forced to open by July to get these students their visas, or start doing Zoom interviews at the consulate. Either way, their progression could be an indicator regarding our progression as well. So my prediction is by July or towards the end, the ban will be lifted and consulates reopened. We’re in this together! 加油!多心同目标一权力
  2. I’ve noticed the tips and hacks don’t work with China NVC to Embassy. Even before covid-19 I could never find a shipment to China but I could to every other country I selected.
  3. Your fiancé and I must be in the same K1/CR1 Wechat group haha. I just sent that link to them last night. But yes the article and DOS’ “Democracy Strong” three phase reopening plan seems to suggest by next month embassies could be back into full swing, however it’s dependent on a lot of factors and cisa services wouldn’t resume until phase III is reached which requires host country, DOS, and CDC health/travel alert levels all be lowered. So there’s hope. But then also if you’re applying for K1, they won’t issue a visa even if the embassy is reopened if Trump doesn’t rescind the China Travel Ban. CR1s should technically still be able to get a visa, but not K1’s. Let’s hope a lot of changes within the next month
  4. It’s the Today 14th, I don’t know why they waited so long, but there are other places they can fly to and wait it out. Check Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, etc. There are options
  5. If your fiancé already has the visa, they can come to America, just go to Thailand for 15 days and then fly to America. What are they waiting for? sidenote: if been hearing embassies to reopen in the next two weeks
  6. Dual citizenship and the the name mix up won’t affect you in regards to the proof of meeting requirement as plane tickets are secondary evidence of the in-person meeting requirement. We were RFE’d for that I had hotel receipts, plane tickets, pictures of us on the plane, etc. All they really wanted was proof we were in the same country at the same time, which was passport stamps, sent copies of our entire passports and then was approved 8 days later. So you’re fine
  7. This week all Chinese airlines will slowly restart international flight. Each airline will resume their routes but only to one country each week instead of 4 or 6 times a week per country. So flights out of the country will resume and for those who have travel authorization into China, they’ll be able to get flights. Diplomats and consular staff have been allegedly told to return after May 15th, whether they do or not, we’ll see.
  8. Go to the White House website and then click on press and then you’ll see the proclamation about immigrant suspension. Rest assured, this does not affect us. As CR1s or K1’s. CR1s are spouses of US citizens, and are exempted. K1’s enter America on non immigrant visas. This order only suspends entry to immigrant visa holders. Now we just need the consulate to open back up and get this show on the road. keep the faith, Love always Wins!
  9. He said there will be exemptions to the order and and it’s for people mainly applying for green cards/permanent residency. The guy is trying not to get sued again so I think he’s going to be extra careful when crafting it. Even the current travel restriction/ban for coronavirus has exemptions for immediate family members of US citizens, fiancés And spouses are considering immediate family members. This ban will almost certainly affect HB visa applicants and those who would be eligible to apply for green cards within the next 60 days. I think we all will be fine, don’t worry. What we have to worry about is when the consulate here is going to reopen and get back to freaking work
  10. Yes, I’m aware. For whatever reason that Level 4 is tied that specific presidential proclamation suspending travel to the states to anyone who has been in China within 14 days of entry to the States. That is supposed to be reviewed every 15 days and either cancelled or renewed, my frustration is with the logic of it all. There is a lower threat in China of catching the virus now than Australia. China banned foreigners because all their new cases within the last two weeks were from people who had been to other countries and traveled to China, so that makes total sense. The consular officers would still be able to travel back to China as the ban does not apply to holders of diplomatic passports and as Foriegn Service officers, they all have diplomatic passports. So really the only reason we all are still forced to be in this situation, is because of the Dude in the White House and his ego.
  11. This is some ########. I have two friends, one in Australia, one in the Philippines who just got notified that their cases arrived at the embassy there today. So all the other countries are still processing as normal, granted interviews are delayed at this point, but everything else, going smoothly. Why are we who are processing in China still being held up? Cases in China at this point is way lower than other countries, this is just straight up BS. Our case has been “AT NVC” for two and half months. I’m gonna lose my marbles
  12. I lowkey feel like moving back to China. At this point it’s safer than the states anyway, and I can’t keep being apart from my fiancé, this is maddening and I feel like everyday I’m one step closer to losing my mind.
  13. Everyone is screwed basically. But us who have spouses, fiancé’s etc in China have been dealing with this since the end of January. When the virus outbreak started, NVC stopped sending our petitions to the consulate in China, all visa appointments scheduled were cancelled, no new appointments could be made, embassy and consulates evacuated, with no news and what to do and how long we’ll have to wait, we’ve been stuck in the black hole of uncertainty for almost 2 months now. So sit back everyone and welcome to club. This is what happens when a government is grossly unprepared for something they should be prepared for, we get the short end of the stick while they, at the same time, demand we pay them more money for ridiculously slow processing of petitions. It’s unconscionable.
  14. It won’t. K1’s are classified as immigrant visas. Non immigrant visas being cancelled makes sense, immigrant visas, especially those ties to being a dependent of a US spouse are exempt under the presidential proclamation. While technically K1’s are not dependents yet, the presumption is that they will be. So I think we are safe in that regard.
  15. Received a reply from the consulate regarding those dates for interviews at different Consulates. I asked them to confirm or deny, and they replied with the standard response. “ Dear applicant, Thank you for your email. As of February 3, 2020, regular visa services at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and the U.S. Consulates General in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenyang are suspended. Due to the ongoing situation relating to the novel coronavirus, the U.S. Embassy and Consulates have very limited staffing. Intending applicants should note that on Sunday, February 2, a Presidential Proclamation was issued that suspended entry for individuals who have been in China less than 14 days prior to their arrival in the U.S. More information about the Proclamation can be found on our website here: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/ea/Presidential-Proclamation-Coronavirus.html. We will resume routine visa services as soon as possible, but we are unable to provide a specific date at this time. Immigrant Visa Unit U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou ”
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