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  1. Hey guys!!! I need your advice!! Please help!!! I've filled for adjustment of status from k1 and now have received yellow blank with additional evidence request. They are asking me to send complete tax return of my husband for the most recent tax year. I’ve already sent W2 and 1040 form. Can you please advise if I should send the whole tax return package or maybe tax transcript??? Thanks for your support
  2. Did you receive your packet 3?? Actually I’ve noticed that that our case has been received by the embassy on June 28, after that I was trying to contact them concerning my interview appointment. The NVC has informed me that I should schedule my appointment
  3. Hi there i have the same issue with the scheduling appointment, I’ve sent them an email but it seems they answer in 3 business days.
  4. US Embassy in Armenia Is there anything I can do at the moment??
  5. Hello everyone can anyone tell me how long does it take to get a response from the US embassy for the interview appointment. Our case has been received on June 28 and we haven’t received any packet from them Thanks for your help
  6. Thanks a lot for your reply. Please advis if there's any possibility to check approximate date of sending the cases out from the NVC?
  7. I've received the case number 2 weeks ago and keep checking the ceac website and have already called them several times, and they've just told me to wait and be patient, as soon as it'll be ready it will be sent out to the embassy.
  8. Hey Guys! Really need your support regarding the NVC processing time. Our NVC case number has been received about 2 weeks ago. I've called them and they have told me to wait, because things are going really quick and all I can do is to wait. Each and every single day I'm checking the case status by ceac and it still shows at NVC. Can you please advise me how long does it take the case to leave the NVC?
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