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  1. I just came back from my AOS interview today. We just submitted a photocopy of the customer copy of the marriage certificate with the original filing, and took a certified copy to the interview (which they didn’t even ask to see). Had no problems with that.
  2. Would it be possible to have LA County and San Fernando Valley field offices added to VJ as options for AOS filers? At the moment people filing at these offices tend to select the next closest option available on VJ (Los Angeles). This office has different processing times (9.5-18mo) from LA County (11.5-19mo) and San Fernando Valley (16-19.5mo), making the stats for Los Angeles office inaccurate on VJ when other offices’ timelines are bundled in with it.
  3. Would it be possible to have a timeline option that shows whether an application was expedited or not? Sometimes people put it in the comments, but with so many people expediting EAD/AP now it surely must be skewing the average processing times and making it not truly representative of the non-expedite wait time. It also makes it unclear when viewing timelines whether someone’s short wait was due to an expedite or just good luck. It would also be helpful to have an option that indicates whether the green card came before EAD/AP, as some people are just marking EAD/AP with their GC approve date. This means the EAD/AP isn’t reflecting NBC processing times, but is in fact reflecting their local field office’s GC times. However I believe someone already suggested this. Any thoughts?
  4. I’m getting this too and it’s driving me mad! Although maybe it’s a good thing if it reduces the amount of time I spend obsessing over the immigration process 😛
  5. Or you can also fill it in on the computer before printing and scanning it back in as an image file.
  6. My K1 visa petition still shows as “Case Was Received” on myUSCIS and eGov. I entered the US on my K1 visa 3 months ago, so I’m pretty sure that status is outdated! I filed AOS/EAD/AP at the start of April, did biometrics at the start of May. My AOS changed to “Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview” two days later while my EAD + AP have never changed from “Case Was Received”. Other people seem to have had a whole range of different statuses relating to their biometrics being received or processed. I’d therefore not give too much meaning to whether or not the case tracker was updated, it seems to be very inconsistent in how it is used.
  7. CA only allows you to drive for 10 days on a foreign licence once you become a resident, so if you’ve managed to get your permit and driving test and become a named driver on car insurance all within that time period then I can only say nice one! I couldn’t get an appointment for like 3 weeks. Based on my experience, just go on your CA permit and bring your wife. Whatever the actual rules may be, it is always advisable with the DMV to follow the most routine, standard, simple process possible. It’s a lot easier for some employees to just say no rather than go and find out whether something can be done. Before I came to California, I always thought that people were overreacting to their DMV experiences, but since arriving I have found that they really are awful. They wouldn’t even let me sit my test the first time around because they said my car registration wasn’t valid (it was). I also was accused of having a fraudulent passport (I don’t), told I couldn’t get an AB60 licence because I have a K1 visa (I could and did), and that I would get my licence mailed out to me 2 weeks after my test (it wasn’t, because they’d sent it as the wrong type of licence). They also insisted on writing my ID document as an Irish passport because the front said “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” until I argued enough to make them change it to UK passport. Having always worked in retail and service occupations, I am a very strong believer in being nice, respectful and polite to the person behind the counter, but that has seemingly counted for nothing at the DMV. Sorry, this turned into a big rant about how shite the CA DMV is, but my point is don’t do anything that might cause them any confusion or seem out of the ordinary because they might just turn you away.
  8. We ticked the box for "I intend to make specific contributions" and didn't put any further information in part 7 and it was accepted fine. I came to the London K1 interview with copies of 3 years of my American fiancée's (now wife's) tax returns and a load of pay slips and so much information, but the only proof of income they asked for was the affidavit of support and the letter from my fiancée's employer stating her job, salary and that she was full time permanently employed. However it's good to get that extra stuff together just in case they decide to ask for it, and you'll need tax return copies and wage slips for the Adjustment of Status affidavit of support, which is a different form. In fact, for the K1 interview I only had a copy of the affidavit of support, not even the wet ink signed version (as we didn't have time for her to mail it to me) and they were perfectly fine with that. The regulations don't mandate a specific method for you to demonstrate sufficient financial resources to the immigration officer for a K1 visa - you just have to show it in some way to their satisfaction. Technically you don't even need to have an I-134 affidavit of support, however it's kind of the standard process for demonstrating income so I'd definitely recommend doing it that way. Again, the adjustment of status affidavit of support is a different form and is specifically required to be submitted, so this only applies to K1. Anyway, hope that answers your question (and possibly some that you didn't even ask!)
  9. Sorry but by law, under 8 CFR 123.45 it is expressly forbidden for any system to operate in a sensible manner.
  10. I was having trouble with being able to put certain information in certain sections of forms (eg. my address has a "/" in it but the form wouldn't let me). The solution I found was to download the form, open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader then go to Edit -> Preferences -> Javascript -> Uncheck "Enable Adobe Javascript" -> OK (I may have then had to save the document, close it then reopen, can't remember). I could then enter any character in any field on the form. Not sure if this is helpful to your problem but others may find it useful.
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