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    If I looked for a Filipina to begin with, I would have never found Maribel, the love of my life.. I spent 3 of the greatest weeks of my life with her, She's beautiful inside and out, NO way I would find someone like her here.. I'm planning to go back in June, but this time with my daughter. In the meantime, I mailed off the I-129 Petition packet today. :)

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  1. You know a lawyer is a crook when he suggests filing a Mandamus Lawsuit, it's nothing but a money grab, preying on the vulnerable.... Be a little more patient, the embassies have really stepped up processing for K1's, your's will come,
  2. Would you say this applies to the self employed? from what I researched, the embassies give greater scrutiny to the self employed. As for account verification, I did get my bank to issue a statement showing date opened and current balance, but I cant them to provide a Deposit total for the year, problem is, they lump ALL account to account transfers and credits in with check and cash deposits, which doesn't provide an accurate accounting of deposits for the year, I broke them down myself, but I don't think the embassy will accept it if it's not on bank letterhead. I think my only option it anyway, along with my bank statements for the year, (IF, and only IF they ask for it.
  3. I'm filling out the I-134 for my K1 petition, and I'm stuck on the Dependents section. I have 2 of my young adult children living with me and I only claimed one (my son) on my 2021 Tax Return, but in this year 2022, his status changed, he graduated last year from college and landed a job recently earning over 6 figures, but he still lives with me and pays me rent. I read many sites that indicate you must include any dependent listed on your tax return, but the question on the AOS is; "The following persons are dependent upon me for support" ; But he is not dependent on me at all, so the question is; do I include him? Same situation with my daughter, she works and lives with me, however I did not include her as a dependent on my tax return because she earned too much. If I do include either of them, I can always use the bottom section to add further information.. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. This is the same Mark who denied Nikki a child right?, turns out it was a good thing for her, now she's free to pursue a real relationship built on love and not lust.. Mark came off as a controlling scum bag, he forced her into signing a prenup, which was the most sided prenup agreements her attorney has ever seen, it was either she sign or go back home, it doesn't get any scummier than that.. But Nikki got her green card and Mark got what he wanted from her, a sex partner, I feel sorry for his next victim.
  5. A virtual prostitute who goes to bars, comes home at 6am, gets pregnant by some guy in prison, has 2 illegitimate children, dates a hit man, and says to her Mother "Marriage is very sacred to me"
  6. Thank you.. I realized my mistake after posting in the wrong forum. Doubtful the interview will be before April 18th, it’s cutting it too close regardless, I’ll have to file it. And the more I think about, I don’t want to give the interviewer a reason to deny it.
  7. After over 2 years of waiting, our case is in transit to the embassy, received the email this morning. Question, I’m a self employed contractor, I haven’t filed my taxes for 2021 as of yet, since April 15 is the deadline, will my 2020 tax return suffice for the AOS or will I need to submit 2020? Thanks
  8. You forgot the lawyers, they win regardless of the outcome, laughing all the way to the bank.
  9. The Taliban calling for peace is like an elephant calling for a ban on peanuts.
  10. I just about died laughing when Ximena said she wants to pursue modeling Mike is a geek but he's got a big heart, and Ximena is taking full advantage of it... It started with "pay my rent" then it grew to "buy me appliances" then, "I know you want a child of your own, but I cant have kids, sorry I didn't tell you sooner" then " you disgust me" and now, "I want you to pay for a tummy tuck and breast implants", what's the next one going to be? "If you don't pay for it, the loan shark is going to harm me and my kids"? Ximena is not only greedy, she's incredibly stupid.. I really feel sorry for the kids who are caught in the middle, oddly, her sister is smart and has good head on her shoulders, it's unfortunate that Mike didn't hook up with her from the beginning.. When a guy feels unappreciated and taken advantage of, it's game over, he's going to dump her.
  11. I don't think so, I think her tears are real... She made a bad choice from the very beginning, choosing a guy who's primarily into her for attraction and sex rather than a human being,, I don't think I heard him ask her one question about her life, likes and dislikes, or does TLC edit all that out?... About the nude pics, I'm not sure if she sent them before they met in person, assuming she did, she mostly likely used those pics to lure him in, getting exactly what she bargained for IMO.
  12. If you put these two up against a pair of drag queens, it would be the drag queens passing as female.
  13. My favorite train wrecks this season are; Caleb and Alina, If he's really into her, he's a better guy than me that's for sure, I couldn't date a Dwarf, but if I could, it would be someone like Alina, she's smart, witty, sweet, attractive and has a beautiful personality.. Unfortunately, I don't see it working out, the different in size is just too much to overcome IMO, I hope it does work out though. Mike and Ximena, He seems like a nice guy, his heart is in the right place, boring as heck and a little weird, but good intentions, His biggest mistake was getting on that plane without learning Spanish, it's nerve wracking when you cant openly communicate, Google Translate kills it! As for Ximena, she's clearly had a rough life, a woman with very low self esteem, who's trying to better her life and her Children's life, and willing to settle for just about any guy who will give her that better life. Gino and Jasmine, what an idiot this guy is, reminds me of Big Ed, both have no clue how to treat a Woman, Her Christmas gifts to him is a embroidered pillow and paired shirts, where she put in time and thought, his gift to her is Nothing, Zero, no thought whatsoever, How hard is it to buy a $75 keepsake box with her name engraved on it? it doesn't have to be expensive you know, gifts are expressions of affection... And what kinda of guy doesn't shave or bathe before going to bed with a beautiful Woman? only a pig.. Yeah, she is a bit nutty and controlling, but I don't think materialistic, those clothes she chose were ALL for him, nothing for her..If anything, she's superficial, her implants look like they're going to explode.
  14. Agree on not paying in full up front, I get 1/2 up front and the other half upon completion of the project. Pulling permits and hiring a licensed & bonded contractor does NOT guarantee you'll receive a quality kitchen, it's actually the opposite in most cases, where the licensed contractor acts as the General, hiring unlicensed subcontractors to perform all phases of the project.. Sell high, pay out low and profit the rest, and he doesn't have to pound one nail. My General rule to consumers is to get referrals from Friends, Family or Neighbors and actually SEE the quality of work that was performed, because that's what you'll be getting.
  15. I've been building custom cabinets for over 40 years, started when I was 20... Pre-fab cabinetry like IKEA or other brands found at Home Depot may look nice, but the quality and fit can never compare to custom made cabinetry.
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