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    If I looked for a Filipina to begin with, I would have never found Maribel, the love of my life.. I spent 3 of the greatest weeks of my life with her, She's beautiful inside and out, NO way I would find someone like her here.. I'm planning to go back in June, but this time with my daughter. In the meantime, I mailed off the I-129 Petition packet today. :)

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  1. You cant see the chemistry between these two? the flowing conversation, the eye contact as they gaze into each eyes while speaking to google translate? I don't know about you, but this couple get's me all teary eyed. Seriously, with Dave, it's ALL about attraction, but what the fool doesn't realize is that the vanity of an attractive Woman eventually wears off, and what he's going to be left with is what he's ignoring... But I don't see it going that far, she will play him until the money dries up.
  2. I just watched where lying Ed returns home, When you look at all of Ed's acts and put them together, Ed is a classic case of what a selfish pig does, in his journey to find love and happiness, he carelessly walked all over her, uncaring of her needs and feelings, he extracted her love and affection and gave little to nothing in return, and when it all fell apart, he goes home and cries to Mommy, where he deceives his own Mother into thinking that Rose is to blame for the breakup, that way Mommy can feel sorry for him, and he can convince himself that he did all he could. As for Geoffrey, has anyone done a google search on Geoffrey Pachel?, Married 4 times and charged with domestic abuse, kidnapping and assault in 2019, add to that, vandalism and shoplifting, where he stole over $500 of lights from Home Depot. LOL.. . Varya cant still be with this POS. Here's some of it; https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/90-day-fiance-is-geoffrey-paschel-already-married.html/ And I hear that both did not appear in the tell all, Not sure if that was their decision or TLC's
  3. TLC heavily edited this couple to give the appearance that she didn't exist, Notice that David not once said he spoke or saw her on video chat, and none of his friends or the producers asked, but of course they did ask, it just wasn't aired..You can create the story that you want by cherry picking clips and leaving out important details, it's not that difficult to do, CNN and MSNBC do it every day.
  4. 90 Day Fiance is looking more and more like the Jerry Springer show, eventually viewers will get bored of it and tune out, it's only a matter of time. As for Jessie and Tom, they were only in it for the publicity IMO, two media whores who don't care who they hurt in the process.
  5. I do the same thing, Way too many commercials and who wants to wait for the next train wreck.
  6. TLC must require all participants to sign a release of liability on so many fronts, this Woman has deep emotional issues and it's sad to see TLC exploit her. I admire the guy, I don't think I could kiss Grandma and tolerate her foul mouth BS for an entire year, that takes a special kind of guy to do that.. He will do anything for a green card and she knows it, take the Green card out of the equation and they never would have met. I went from not liking him to despising him.. Ed is one of those guys who cant see his faults, he thinks that lying is acceptable behavior, that doesn't work when you're trying to build on a new relationship AND in a Country with a completely different culture. Aside from his appearance, Rose overlooked A LOT with this guy, their's only so much a Woman can take.. I don't see them getting back at all, Marriage is forever with her and she knows she cant spend the rest of her life with someone like that. Well said!.. I like Varya, she's genuinely a good person, sadly she's not that bright when choosing men.. Theirs a pattern with Geoffrey, he got pissed off the very first day in Russia when she said she wouldn't stay at his hotel the first night, he doesn't try at all to look at where she's coming from, instead he feels rejected and runs off crying like a 8 year old. As for Varya flying to the US to see him, you know that TLC put that together, why would any Woman chase a guy who gave up on them so easily and put so little effort into the relationship? If he truly loved her (which he doesn't) he would give her the time she wants and make plans on returning. And David, he's truly an idiot.. I like the part when they met, where they both stood outside in the cold and couldn't say one word to each other LOL, Gotta love that Chemestry! She's remains a scammer, she's using him solely for monetary value and nothing else, Once she's exhausted all means of sucking more money out of him, she'll use any excuse to dump him.
  7. https://rapidvisa.com/using-tourist-visa-visa-waiver-program-get-married-united-states/ It's quite easy to mask your intent, I'm not in any way suggesting that's what the OP did in this case, but one could easily do that, where anyone can circumvent the law by using a tourist visa as a opposed to a K1 or 1-130.
  8. I'm with you on option #1, but strongly disagree on option 2, She came here on a Tourist visa, which in no way can be used to bipass the immigration process, They can Marry but she would still have to return home before her tourist visa expires, then file the I-130.. Attempting to adjust her status while she's here on a tourist visa is asking for trouble, it goes to intent and could be considered fraud in the eyes of USCIS.
  9. I think we can all agree that both Usman and Michael from season 3 are using these 2 pieces of trash, (I won't refer to them Women, they are everything but that.) I do admire Usman though, also Michael from season 3, they have been very open about wanting to come to America, and acknowledging that marrying an American is the way to do it, maybe I'm wrong but both appear to be good guys to me. I never like to see the K1 Visa program being abused, but when I look at the trash they've chosen and the verbal and mental abuse they have to endure to get a GC, they deserve it IMO.
  10. It's hard to take this seriously from a guy who illegally used the IRS to go conservative groups, who illegally armed Mexican drug cartels and Isis militants and was a huge supporter of warrant-less wiretapping, just to name a few of the 50+ other laws Obama broke... Obama knows as much about the "rule of law" as Michael Avenatti does.
  11. I'm NO conspiracy theorist, but when you look at the abuse of power within the FBI, CIA and Justice dept, you have to really wonder about the CIA's role in the JFK assassination.
  12. True Dave, we don't know the fantasy like you do, and don't care to spend 7 years and $100,000 to find out. I thought for sure Dave would at least see his friend Anya before leaving Ukraine, they clearly get along, she's genuine, sincere and not bad looking at all, why not pursue her a little more? Oh, I forgot, he doesn't have "Chemistry" with her, but yet he has chemistry with someone he's never met, never spoken to and has stood him up 4 times.
  13. I don't believe the foreigner is paid at all, Last I checked, the American Citizen is paid approx. $1000 per airing of the show, and paid $2000 for the Tell-All, not a lot of money when you consider what these couples have to endure... Once they have their GC, only then is when their paid.
  14. To add to that, it gives the family the opportunity to know you, ask you questions that concern them, and in turn feel good about you and their daughter's future, Ed did none of this, he said there was a language barrier when talking to her Dad, another BS excuse, if he can use Google translate with Rose, he can use it with Mom, Dad and Sisters.. Truth is, he's a selfish pig and he only interested in himself. My Fiance lives in Tagum, I believe it's south of CV, The city is growing rapidly, they currently have a new highway under construction from Davao City, I have a flight booked at the end of this month to see her again.
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