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    If I looked for a Filipina to begin with, I would have never found Maribel, the love of my life.. I spent 3 of the greatest weeks of my life with her, She's beautiful inside and out, NO way I would find someone like her here.. I'm planning to go back in June, but this time with my daughter. In the meantime, I mailed off the I-129 Petition packet today. :)

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  1. Although I agree with you, it's the US Embassies that are the problem, the State Dept made the decision not to resume normal operations at our Embassies, citing safety and health concerns for their staff, or is the pandemic just an excuse? If we can have our hair cut at a barber shop, visit the local mall or attend a football or baseball game, you would think that interviewers at our embassies could conduct a 5 minute interview, sitting on their rear ends in a sealed off room, behind a 1" thick glass barrier.
  2. Many other countries mandate that you be vaccinated as well, they do it to allow tourism to resume.. IMO, we should have done this months ago, so what if it's an experimental vaccine, nobody is putting a gun to your head to take it, you just wont have the same freedoms as the vaccinated, You want to come to the US? take the vaccine or stay home.. I'd go a step further by applying the mandate to all forms of public transportation. But as others pointed out, if Biden makes the move, it will be in direct conflict with the flood of illegal aliens he's allowing into the US, illegals who not only are spreading Covid19 into the US population but other viral strains as well.
  3. Lawyers, or rather the paralegals who do most of the footwork, can pad the invoice as much as they want and it's almost impossible for client to disprove the # of hours.. I would never pay an attorney in full, because once you do, you lose ALL your negotiating power once payment has cleared. As for these Mandamus lawsuits, theirs meritless IMO due to the pandemic, take the pandemic out of the equation and you'd have a case.
  4. I can only speak for the USEM in Manila, It's hard not to notice the posts on social media, where petitioners and beneficiaries share their expedite and visa approvals, where the majority are almost always Military or Ex-Military, I'm very pro US Military, don't get me wrong, but when I read the reasons they provide in their expedite requests, it's on the weakest of grounds, far weaker than the grounds I used and yet my requests have been denied, But considering that many employees at our embassies are military personnel, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, it's just infuriating to see them cut in front of line, in front of filers who've been waiting nearly 2 years or more while they've been waiting only 7 months.
  5. Update: Received email from NVC 6 hours after my post, standard notification they sent my request to the USEM. Submitted Expedite to NVC on 6/2/21 Replied by NVC on 7/21/21 49 Calendar Days 35 working days (corrected) Hoping it's approved this time
  6. Nothing, I ended up re-sending it 30 days later on July 2nd and still nothing, I'm at 37 working days for first request and 13 for the 2nd.. Nothing I can do really, calling hasn't gotten me anywhere, they say they don't have access to the emails, So the only option is "wait and hope" , while controlling my temper as I watch millions of illegals pour across our southern border.
  7. Thank you very much for the link.. The only door I see open for American tourists is the 9a travel visa, and the last I checked their were suspended. Do you know if their granting these visas? I contacted the Consulate in Los Angeles by email and haven't heard back.
  8. It's cases like this one that created the over reaching restrictions for Filipinos who wish to travel abroad in Visa Free countries.. They lost their right to travel freely, all because of heartless scumbags like this guy.
  9. Is there anything more recent? I know the US is not on the Green list as of yet, which would shorten the quarantine period to 7 days, but are US Passport holders able to travel at all? perhaps to see their Fiance? the restrictions are changing by the month.
  10. Let me understand this, If my Fiance is in the Philippines, and we already met but did not marry, you're saying that I can bypass Philippine Marriage requirements, Marry her online and that marriage is binding in the Philippines? or binding only in the US?
  11. I sent my K1 Expedite request on June 2nd and I received the acknowledgement and nothing since, it stated to allow 15 working days, now the acknowledgment reads 30 working days, it's been 31 working days and nothing... Very frustrating! If you hear something, please let us know.
  12. If US Embassies worked correctly, by that I mean, returning to work to process petitions that they were PAID to process, we wouldn't have a year backlog in front of us... Our Embassies should have resumed processing at full capacity back in January!
  13. I sent my request on June 2nd and haven't heard anything back, I called NVC last night and they couldn't provide any information on my request, she stated she doesn't have access to emails... I did receive an acknowledgement shortly after it was sent, but received nothing since.. As the acknowledgment noted, if you don't hear back in 15 working days, Re-submit, which is what I did last night, only this time the acknowledgment email has changed slightly, they now ask you to wait 30 working days before re-submitting... They brought this backlog on themselves, they created it and were all dealing with the ramifications... Covid is no longer an excuse! not with US Vaccines that prevent transmission!!!
  14. I did, sent on June 2nd and it's gone unanswered.. The only response I received was an automated receipt shortly after I sent the expedite email. Reason was Medical and Financial, very in depth with supporting documentation.. They state in the email that it takes 15 working days, were at 20 days and nothing, 1 year and 6 months since I filed, it's downright frustrating!
  15. I'd like to know why Obama didn't grant Ms Opal's request in 2016 when the 89 year old Woman attempted to walk 1400 miles from Dallas to DC?.. And where was VP Joe Biden to nudge it to the Presidents desk? Slavery must not have been so important to Obama or Joe then, it's only important now, politically and in June of 2022 "Remember what I did for you".
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