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  1. Ana's green card came in mail today! Finally we are done processing. Best wishes to all.
  2. Interview today in Charlotte. Approved! On the spot. Finally can relax.....put the process to rest for a while. Good luck to all! Happy Holidays Ana and Joe
  3. yeah, its a circus as every state is different...even the evaluation by the personnel in that particular DMV office may be different. We were able to extend from the i94 expiration date - North Carolina ID/License - with the i485 Biometrics NOA - DMV extended from the Notice date another 6 months. But, several supervisors had to chat about the whole affair before figuring out which of the (4) i797's i presented to extend from and what the new date of expiration would be. You got to just take it one issue at a time....
  4. FYI...We received online notice Friday 9/14 that our case is ready to be scheduled for interview....so far notice has not come in the mail, we're waiting. Biometrics were completed on 8/30. (North Carolina - Charlotte)
  5. Follow-up to North Carolina Motor Vehicle..... we were able to extend Ana's North Carolina ID and continue with driving exam for another 6 months using the i-797 notice from our biometrics appointment. They extended another 6-months from the notice date. We had all the i-797's with us (i485, i765,i131) but they used the biometrics notice - which had the latest date anyway. Interestingly, they did not extend from the expiration date on the i94 (which was a september date - they used the August date on the biometrics notice). Anyway, that was the decision they made at that DMV office - they had to have a few conversations among several of the officers to make their collective decision. I'm happy we got it done and Ana can keep testing.
  6. Hahaha...we are in Charlotte. Leaving tommorow afternoon to drive southwest out of the affected area...completely out of the State. Going to Oxford, Alabama...about 1.5 hours west of Atlanta to play in Talladega National Forest...should be sunny all weekend.
  7. Yes, I understand this. However, I cant use the NOA 1 to extend the NC ID/License.. it has no residency authority. Nor, do I believe it guarantees anything. I think they call that ...."being in limbo"....hahaha The question was regarding NC DMV requirements. Dude at DMV says he needs another document from USCIS with an expiration date - extending legal residency. I assume that is a temp. green card extending residency for another period of time.
  8. Primary for legal status is I-94, such that in NC, at least, her NC I.D. card formally expires when her I-94 expires and we will have to wait for temp. green card for extending that expiration and any other formal NC documentation. This seems to vary by State. Now, we are pushing hard to get her NC driving permit before the I-94 expires so she can begin driving. Other ID required for NC...foreign passport (identity 1), birth certificate (identity 2), social security card (which we applied for as soon as she entered US), marriage certificate (for her name change), joint bank account statement for proof of address. We applied for and received her NC I.D. card prior to filing for AOS. AOS NOA1.... I dont think would suffice for NC because it does not have any "dates" authorizing residency. It's just a receipt notice? Between entering USA on K-1 and temporary green card....the only document authorizing residency is the I-94. Once I-94 expires, you are technically "out of status" until temp. green card is issued authorizing a new residency period. (as I understand).
  9. You will enjoy Charleston. Be sure to eat at 82 Queen St.
  10. One year, that's great! We did biometrics today, took 26 minutes...hahaha. fast and painless (no waiting). Now will wait for the notice for the interview, I guess? Then we went straight to DMV for Ana to take the Driving Permit Test on computer...she finally said she was ready. But, she failed after 12 questions. It was hard she said - very different from the online testing quizes...said they showed photos of intersections and asked questions and some other obscure questions. Anyway - she has some experience now on what to expect and I swear they make the first attempt test harder than the follow-ups. I told her no problem, we will go back tomorrow and try again. We will go back every day until the 8th of September or until she passes - I figure she can make 6 more attempts...hahaha stay tuned..... good luck to, John! rs
  11. hmmm....interesting. Maybe the states are different in their licensing. Ana's North Carolina ID expiration is same date as I-94. DMV dude says we come back in when we get new paperwork for USCIS with new dates???? I'm assuming temp. green card? She never had a driver's license in Brasil... We will try to go in for Driver's Permit test in September. I'll bring what we have and the AOS NOA1 notices...see what they tell us. I'm curious....rs
  12. Received our biometrics letter yesterday - appointment set for August 30th - exactly one month after NOA1 date. As for DMV - here in Charlotte - we got Ana her NC ID but it will expire on Sept.8th (when the I-94 expires). Dude at DMV was pretty knowlegeable - says they can only authorize the ID / License per the I-94 or the next document we receive from USCIS - presumably here temporary green card. When we receive the temp. green card (the validity period will be shown) - we go back to DMV to extend the expiration date on her ID..
  13. Coming back to the July AOS group. We received all our NOA1's today (i485,i131, i765) with a July 30th received date.
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