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  1. Hello but my question is for you how long it normally takes to get tru at the Hartford CT area ?? I send of my AOS May 2018 did biometric July 13, 2018 USCIS Send out an email stating cause is ready to schedule for and interview
  2. My case was received by NCV on July 3, 2018. My dad hey welcome later with the case number & invoice number August 15, 2018
  3. Hello everyone so my dad received the case number & invoice number ? So what’s next after you choose a agent???
  4. Anyone waiting to get their interview done at Hartford Connecticut office.
  5. My dad was never in my life it’s just me & my mother. I don’t mind doing a DNA cause I know that he’s my dad nothing to hide. I wonder what’s the cost to get it done ?? I assumed you have already migrated??
  6. I really hope so cause am getting real heavy here cause am pregnant
  7. At first my husband filed just the I-130 November 2017 with a PD December 1, 2017. Then we decided that we were going to do the adjustment cause am here in the states since January so we filed AOS May 10, 2018 did my biometric July 13, 2018 last week got a message from USCIS that my case is ready to schedule an interview. I wonder how long it’s going to take to do the interview the field office is in Hartford Connecticut
  8. I Ann so happy you going for your interview good luck . I have a question how long did you filed for your AOS??
  9. Good Morning everyone, I have a question to asked so what’s are some of the things they are looking for whenever you’re adjusting your status?? I have been married almost a year now and I am also pregnant 🤰 my husband filed the AOS on May 11, 2018 but until now we didn’t get a date to do the biometric. I call them on thursday and the contractor that answer the phone told me that normally it takes 30 days from the time you filed your AOS get to your biometric done so she’s going to do a referral so today my husband received a letter from them stating that I have call stating that I didn’t receive any notice yo do My biometric so he have to reschedule. My question is how long it takes from the time reschedule to do the biometric? What do I need to have with my husband to proved to them that’s it’s a real marriage?? My husband insurance enrollment already pass so not until next year before he can add me on it what other than insurance I can use like a life insurance are car insurance etc
  10. How do you delete your visa journey account??
  11. Wow that’s pretty fast Which service center dealing with your case?? Cause mine says MSC