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  1. Just spoke with my attorney on Friday actually. She said that no one has heard anything but that they were fully expecting them to extend the suspension. Obviously it's a matter of opinion, but I personally haven't seen any indication as to why he wouldn't extend it, especially if he's using the excuse of the unemployment rate to justify it. Also it doesn't look like there's been enough outrage over the suspension that would pressure them to reconsider. Perhaps I'm just beaten down by the process now and have become a Debbie Downer LOL We've been at this 5 years now and about ready to cut our losses and just stay in Canada; it almost doesn't seem worth it anymore. Regardless if I hear anything or my attorney gives an update, I will definitely keep you all posted! I'd be curious to know if anyone else has heard anything as well. Best of luck to all of you. I hope you're all staying safe and healthy!
  2. When did he announce that? Do you have a link by chance? This sucks, I swear it'll be a year at least before we get our interview, between the suspensions and Covid. 😭
  3. Hey group! Assuming no news as of yet from anyone. I emailed my attorney to ask a question regarding the 60 day pause but haven't heard back yet. Was wondering if anyone here might happen to know. Is the 60 day 'hold' in processing affecting the back-end work (meaning they're not working on anything), or would it also apply to scheduling interviews, or both? Related to interviews, I'm wondering if interviews could theoretically be scheduled now to take place after the 60 day period is over? Or would they wait for the 60 days to be completed and then start scheduling interviews? A bit of a technicality I realize, just looking for any glimmer of hope out there... Thanks, hope you're all well and staying safe!
  4. I just saw this as well. We are actually in the USA (NY) awaiting our appointment at the Montreal consulate. I wonder if travelling for a visa appointment is considered "essential" travel or not. Truly, the timing of this thing is impeccable 😭 More importantly though, everyone stay safe out there! Keep indoors as much as possible and be well. Oh, and don't hoard the toilet paper!
  5. No word yet from NVC, but how much you guys wanna bet that the rest of us waiting are screwed with this Coronavirus situation? 😩😷
  6. This is awesome news for both of you - congrats! I guess I'm the next on the list! omg omg omg Will keep you all posted! Good luck at your interviews in the meantime!
  7. Welcome to the group! To answer your question, I'm actually a US Perm Resident and Canadian citizen (my husband who is the beneficiary is a Canadian citizen) and it def doesn't appear that we're getting any prioritization lol I think we're all in the same 8-9 month time-frame, unfortunately. Good luck to you!
  8. Hi everyone, Just wanted to add our timeline as well.. We're F2A also, CC on September 20 2019; Priority date of June 2016. Husband filed 601A waiver so we are actually waiting here in the US but he will interview in Montreal. Bummed to see these long timelines, I too thought it would be quicker like others here. Will keep you all posted of any developments Good luck to all!
  9. Yes, he does make a good point and one we've always had in the back of our minds. The last entry was the latest overstay. Prior to this one, he'd had probably 5 visits to the US from abroad between the previous overstay. I can naturalize in November, or rather, I can apply in November.
  10. Yes I know. That, I assume, is for the IO to make that determination. We're not going in with blinders on, we are fully aware there's a real possibility of this not working out despite the 601A approval, given the complicated past. I'm just wondering if there are any similar cases like ours out there and how they worked out.
  11. He's entered various ways, through land and airport. This is over the span of 15 years. I realize our case is pretty unique but I was hoping for maybe one other person out there with a similar background, maybe not even more than 1 overstay, but multiple legal entries at least. Guess we're a bit of a unicorn 😆
  12. Hi, yes I'm aware of that, hence applying for the 601A waiver in advance of his interview, which has been approved. I've read many stories of people being denied because if multiple entries but they're all illegal crossing. His have all been legal entries, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference or not.
  13. I haven't yet come across a situation like ours. My husband has entered the US about 10 different times, all legally. He has 3 separate 'overstays'. Once when we was still a minor, twice as an adult. Our attorney advised that we try for the 601A since we didn't want the family to be apart (if we had gone the route of the 601). It's been approved and now we wait for the interview (to be held in Montreal). I've seen lots of examples of multiple ILLEGAL entries, but that's not the case with us. I am a PR sponsoring him. No criminal convictions, he's got a university degree (from prestigious Canadian university), and I make sufficient income to avoid the public charge risk. Any thoughts or similar situations to ours that anyone has seen or is going through? I've found literally no one who has a case like ours! 😭
  14. I'm having a heck of a time finding actual interview experiences at the consulate, specifically for those who received approval for the 601A waiver. For the record, we'll be interviewing at the Montreal consulate but I'd love to hear anyone else's experiences, not just Montreal. Such as questions asked, paperwork requested, etc. Thanks!
  15. Hi, We applied for the 601A. Fingerprint fee was received August 15th (with our waiver app), actual fingerprints/biometrics done mid-September. So basically 9 months from filing waiver to get the approval. Now we're working on the rest of the paperwork so the interview can be scheduled, which hopefully will be good to go in the next week or two. Basically just waiting on police checks from Canada, US, and Mexico. Everything else I think/hope is in a good spot! FYI we have a lawyer.. I hope this helps!
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