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  1. AOS from TN update: 04/01/19 - AOS package delivered to Chicago lockbox via USPS 04/08/19 - Texts received 04/09/19 - Checks cashed 04/12/19 - NOA received by mail 04/19/19 - Biometrics appointment notice received by mail and set for May 2
  2. I have the exact same situation as you. Adjusting from TN and filed the same forums. 04/01/19 - Package Delivered 04/08/19 - Texts received 04/09/19 - Checks cashed
  3. Has anyone filled out these two forms recently? The forms provided on the USCIS page say expired 7/31/2018 and 12/31/2018 respectively in the top right corner. Are there newer forms available or should I use these?
  4. I'm AOS by way of marriage to a US Citizen. I'm in the US on a TN and have a full time job that makes over the 125% poverty line. Does my spouse still have to file the I-864 and prove that they make over the poverty line? Also - my spouse is a graduate student and does make over the 125% but it's on a stipend and therefore not taxed so my spouse can't provide tax returns because they don't file them. Anyone else have this issue?
  5. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? I'm planning on going to Canada with my US citizen partner this week. Will we be scrutinized when we re-enter?
  6. Got married a couple of months ago to a US citizen while on TN status. TN runs a couple more years. Can I leave the country on a trip without filing of an AOS? Will Customs and Border Patrol even know I've gotten married if I haven't applied to change status?
  7. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but has anyone read about the changes at USCIS? As someone who is about to begin the AOS process this article is terrifying. https://www.vox.com/2018/2/22/17041862/uscis-removes-nation-of-immigrants-from-mission-statement
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