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  1. I think it's clear.
  2. Why don't you try to get there tomorrow and see if they can take your biometrics there? Or maybe you can ask a supervisor or someone to connect you with Juarez ASC and give you some insights on the situation?
  3. Where do you live in Mexico?
  4. Daniela M_______

    When did you quit your job?

    Yes they should understand, life plans change...
  5. Daniela M_______

    When did you quit your job?

    Yes... actually this is my second moving of country, I left home 2 years ago so I already know what to expect But yes I guess you right!
  6. Daniela M_______

    When did you quit your job?

    Yeah I wouldnt be capable of doing so, they have been really nice with me and I really like it here... What makes me sad is that I've been kind of lying about the whole thing and I hate not being able to tell the truth They would have never given me the position back in October if I would have said that I was leaving in 6 months
  7. Daniela M_______

    When did you quit your job?

    By law, I can go the very next day after quitting lol. I'm planning to give at least a 3 weeks notice. And I have to make up a story for the 3 days I have to take off for the interview (consider I'm just taking 3 days off next week because my fiance is visiting but I didnt tell them that was the reason).
  8. I would guess your open appointment letter has an effect over ASC too. Doesn't make any sense to give you the expedite if they aren't able to change ASC too.
  9. Hi guys, When did you quit your job while in the process of K1 visa? I'm getting my interview in Juarez in 30 days, and I'm so anxious about it but most about the job situation: I've been here in this company for 3 months hired by an outsourcing, and the company decided to give me a full time position so now I'm a direct employee, I just signed my new contract last week. They are counting on me to stay for some years... They even got me a new work laptop a phone and they have been trainning me to take care of my department responsibility. (They are investing in me). They don't have any idea about the visa because I didn't mention anything when they hired me, and I feel really bad about this white lie let's say... I feel bad because I've always been really responsible at my jobs and committed with my work, but... I HAVE to leave. I'm just trying to figure out the best moment to quit. We have a strong case, no high risk country or anything so almost sure the visa will be granted but I'm still thinking it's a risk to quit before the interview. (I wanted to let them know I'm leaving an then keep working until I get my VOH) How did you manage to handle this job-life situation?
  10. Well it's funny, because I'm in Mexico and I'm from Venezuela. Both countries speak spanish of course but the accent is way different. Everytime I hear another venezuelan I get excited, sometimes I say hi, sometimes I don't, But the most curious thing is than I've seen people in the street and I've thought "she / he is venezuelan" and later I heard they talking and THEY ARE INDEED VENEZUELANS. I mean we latinos don't look the same at all (apart from the stereotype), but venezuelans (as other nationalities) came in all shapes and colors from blonde with green eyes to dark skin with afro hair. And we still somehow manage to recognize each other... I think that's crazy beautiful!
  11. Daniela M_______

    Impact on relationship

    Hi Sarah, In our case it's been difficult but somehow easy at the same time. The immigration journey itself requires an incredible amount of patience. I've been teaching myself to just wait. In the past when I rushed things they never worked (from jobs to relationships and other life circumstances), so I'm like "whatever is going to happen will happen wether if I push it or not". We've grown together as a couple after 2 years LDR, at first we had visits every 4 months but the last year was specially hard because we haven't seen each other since May 2018. We were traying to push the visit as far as possible because we tought I would be in the US by Dec 2018 and we ddin't want to spend money we could have used to file for AOS or for the wedding. Well, it didn't happen, but we still managed to survive. We communicate everyday, from good morning to good night but still we give each other space when neccesary. At the beginning of the immigration process all I could talk about was the visa, what I read, etc. As the first month or so went by I felt more relaxed because there was nothing that we could have done to speed up the process. It's not in our hands so let's relax and just wait. To give you some context. I live away from my home country, I came to Mexico 2 years ago and I didn't know a soul back then, my family is back home, and I only have 2 friends in here but overall I'm very independent and I like being alone and enjoy my time. I keep myself busy working and walking around the city. What brings me the most anxiety, is that I can't commit to anything permanent because I'm leaving soon and at the same time I have to keep myself busy... It's been exhausting but so far I managed to handle it. LDR are hard and IMO not for everyone, a LDR will survive as long as the 2 people in it have a clear path and a timeline to be together, and we all here seem to have that path clear (maybe with a plan B or C), so follow the path, look forward but stay in the present. You will be together sooner than later.
  12. I never got that message, my case went from At NVC to IN TRANSIT to READY, I fillet out the DS160 when my case was still AT NVC right after we got the case number.
  13. You can book a preliminary date and then keep checking the calendar every day, they fill all the spaces and when the dates are like 6 months apart, they open new spaces for interviews!
  14. Hi guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I just re scheduled my appointment and saved 5 weeks! I've been trying to get a new date on the consulate website, my original interview date was March 29 and they just opened new dates starting feb 6!!! I logged in yesterday and the dates were as far as July 2019. If anyone here is in México, this could be helpful, go to the consulate website NOW!
  15. Depending of the clinic but I don't think it will be slow, you just walk in, maybe she'll lose a morning (or an afternoon, depending on the clinic) but I'm sure she'll get the shots the same day. PS..: I got those 2 shots because are the only ones they had available for adults at the IMSS. The Tpda one got me sick for like 4-5 days (fever, sweats, body pain, headaceh,etc) this is normal with vaccines and everyone responds different, I'm just mentioning because she might want to take some considerations on this. like getting the vaccines on a friday and get the weekend free to rest... Just a thought. Good luck!