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  1. Yes I've been using that guide too but I couldn't yet find information about the 2x2 pictures and the e notification form... Thanks again!
  2. Hi guys, so I'm back to keep this immigration journey going and now it's turn for the AOS, I'be been working on printing some documents to start putting the package together and at first I have the following questions: -Copy of passport: Do I (applicant non USC spouse) need to include copy of ALL the pages of my passport? Or just biometric page, visa, and entry stamps? -Do I need passport style photos (2x2) for each form? (I148/I765/I131) -Do I need a G 1145 e notification form for each other form? (I148/I765/I131) About proof of bonafide marriage: We got married 50 days ago, we only have proof of the health insurance my husband add me to and a joint account we opened with my savings but it doesn't show any activity, for daily expenses I use his credit card. Should we include proof of that at this stage too? Thank you so much!
  3. I understand better your situation now, If the consulate itself told her that her passport condition is not good enough to get a stamp, that would be hard to overcome... I'm guessing she doen't have enough room to get it stamped or maybe is it damaged. If she can do the Colombian passport that will be a huge help, not only now but to avoid future inconvinience with Venezuelan IDs. I understand is a long process but I think you might have enough time to figure a solution, my Plan B was to get Mexican citizenship (I could after 2,5 years living there) but I got my extension on time so I didn't have to. Join the Facebook group I told you about, they might not have a magic solution for your fiance's situation but they do share valuable information.
  4. "Identity is purely a fluid social construct." You are definitely not good at hiding your condescending opinion.
  5. That's NOA1 and your case number, you'll get a hardcopy in the mail. There is no next agency, is still USCIS who will work on your case, for the next 4-7 months it will be in a pile of documents waiting to be proccesed.
  6. So, I'm Venezuelan. You don't stop being a venezuelan jsut because passport is expired. You have to quit you right to citizenship by birth. And even if so, you will ALWAYS have to declare your place of birth -Venezuela-. So yes, it's a really bad advice, and FYI being Venezuelan doesn't add any "complications" with the processing.
  7. I've been told several times that "I'm too white to be Venezuelan". Like... What that does even mean? Also here in Mexico I've been asked really crazy things like "Do you have sodas in there?"...
  8. Can you upload PDF files? Google "Merge PDF". You can convert all the documents to a pdf format and merge them in one file, there's also an option to reduce file size so it's not to heavy.
  9. Same link provided also states this: However, if neither person is a resident, then you'll have to apply for the license in the county where the wedding will occur. I'm getting married in Michigan state and I also found this infomation under the following link https://www.accesskent.com/MLR/
  10. It's clear for me now. I already got the right information but I can't delete the post.
  11. Yes I was coming to correct the information as I just found out the right answer. I apologize.
  12. If someone let the 90 days mark pass by, they can't adjust status. The person would have to leave the country and come back again doing a spousal visa process.
  13. Hi! I wrote a consulate review: https://www.visajourney.com/reviews/view-dos-cis-reviews.php?entry=25669
  14. haha just like that! I can tell you one thing for sure, you'll see most CO are very determined to make a good call on your case. I heard here in Mexico a lot of people being interviewed who didn't have all the documents, or people who crossed ilegally etc, and the CO were friendly-enough to not look intimidating and were doing questions to understand every circumstances. That made me feel confident. When I took the oath my hand was shaking so bad and I saw the CO looking at my hand so I kind of freaked out. But from there I was alert, I did answer very straight forward and to the point and I always looked her at the eyes. This is important. Body language says it all.
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