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  1. 14th November filer!!! let me be next.. @Naes Thanks for all the work - look forward to the scans every time you post them!
  2. McInnesJake

    Finances and Costs

    Thanks for all that. Exactly the type of answer I was after. Unfortunately my fiancé is still in university so doesn't have many of the normal things I.e work or a car etc. So it will be very much starting from the beginning when I arrive. But I am in a very lucky position to have a job to go to once I am allowed to work in the US (same company I work for here in the UK) and this offers health insurance, something I need to investigate further to find out exactly what. I think as you say the best way is to plan well and then we cannot fail. Thanks again Ashley!
  3. I am nearly 3 months into a K-1 application (I am the foreign spouse) and I would like to get some early information on financial outgoings in the US. Mainly on changes from UK prices to US? For example: - As a 23 year old Male with no medical history - How much would I expect to pay for medical insurance? (Any pointers to potential companies for quotes would be appreciated). - As a 23 year old, with 6 years driving experience in the UK and no accidents/claims - How much roughly would I expect to pay for car insurance? (Any pointers to potential companies for quotes would be appreciated). - Any other charges that aren't relative in the UK, that have slipped my mind as of now? Please feel free to let me know of any other charges I have missed or you have experienced that may be helpful / become relevant to myself in the future. Many thanks Jake
  4. McInnesJake

    K-1 Police Records

    haha poor you, our Players can't be getting you that many Points.. Thanks you never know we might pass you in the street one day in Greenville. Cheers!
  5. McInnesJake

    K-1 Police Records

    Oh my bad! I was interested to see if it was an even smaller world, if we were from the same place in the UK. I'm from Newcastle, so opposite end of the Country
  6. McInnesJake

    K-1 Police Records

    Thanks for the advice... Haha yeah it was the first thing I noticed on your profile 'Greer SC'. It's a small world. Where in the UK are you from?
  7. Hi, I am still miles away from this stage (November filer), but I am curious to how recent your police records and medical exam's have to be? Do they have to be after you are requested to do so? Or is it within a certain time frame of your interview etc? I was wondering if it is possible to save time in the run up to the interview. I mean either way I will be waiting until I am told to do so, but im interested. Thanks
  8. McInnesJake

    communicating with my girlfriend

    Download Skype for your PC. They have a translation chat thing, where you can type in your own language and it will translate for one another (you can be video calling at the same time). So you can try your Spanish and if your struggling just type in what your saying and it will translate it for her. Also it is a good way to pick up some words and phrases as you get to see the translation right beside the original. I've only played around with it whilst my fiancé was checking out my German, so haven't used it a lot. But from what we seen early on its accurate. This should help
  9. Hello All, Sent our package on the 11th of November. Received our NAO1 around the 20-25th. Heres hoping we all get going smoothly!
  10. Hello all, Hoping to use this as a place where applicants who applied around the same time, can discuss questions and experiences. Myself and my fiancé just applied, our timeline as of today is as follows: Sent i129F - 11/10/2017 Received NAO1 - 11/15/2017 Hoping for the quickest and smoothest operation. Where you at November applicants!?