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  1. My husband pick up his visa today and hes flying on Sunday he will be LAX airport on Monday morning.. I’m so happy and I wish u good luck everyone
  2. Today Aramex call my husband visa it’s ready to pick up ...he will pick up on Monday but I do know how we will open and took the passport from inside I know we don’t have to open the envelope ...please who can told me how we do...Thank u
  3. My husband interview was Last year August 15 2017 ..interview was really not good my husband was stress and they give him one white paper they ask family registration but they didn’t told him he have to be AP..After 2 days he send all the paper they need but counsel request more paper work more picture more proof...we all have because I know my husband almost 8 years... After they request his passport and he was AP 9 mounts ...I love Egypt I was live in Egypt 3 years with my husband I work 2 years... First time when I submit USCiC patiton i-130 August 17 2015...my nightmare finish
  4. I’m so happy my husband soon he will be in California Los Angels after 3 years when I was submit the paper...Today they ISSUED
  5. Thank u I do same thinks I trust Allah just missing him I know him from 2009 I stay in Egypt 3 years after I submitted his paper August 2015 almost 3 years ....your advise help us thank u
  6. Ya but medical exam appointments day June 28 he call many places for the Ramadan and EID
  7. Thank u Halalbrother honestly I was reading all your writing on Visa journey and I follow u and I told my husband be patient let them do them job inchallah soon we will be approved
  8. No we have proof from 2010 and they accepted they start apdate from Friday and they call my husband for do on other medical exam. My husband case it’s getting okay they never send a NVS they apdating his case every day
  9. Thank u his interview was August 15 2017 . This year in August it’s will be 3 years when I submit CR1 marriage visa..I know my husband told me he have to wait because off Ramadan and EID...inchallah everyone have a good news t
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