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  1. It is not so complex, the form is used for many purposes, simply fill out the part related to vawa and skip every other part.
  2. You are right though, but those who have already sent in their packages shouldn't even be worried about expiration or not, let's keep our hopes high!
  3. I guess @ahmad- is concerned because there are some news online that says vawa expired with shutdown, how ever, those post are related to funding vawa receive, they never talked about and they are not in anyway referring to the ability to filing vawa (i-360), that was why I posted that link to help clarify that vawa is not listed there, and uscis never said they stopped accepting vawa applications. There is nothing wrong for someone trying to ask questions, that's what this forum is for, to ask questions, support and encourage others 😊😊!
  4. https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/lapse-federal-funding-does-not-impact-most-uscis-operations, I don't think vawa expiration has anything to do with I-360.
  5. You can do it anytime you like if your spouse is a USC.
  6. 😳😳😳 3years? you are way out of processing time, you should contact your Congressman for help.
  7. The processing time on uscis website is correct but your timeline is quite confusing, did you file twice? When exactly did you file?.
  8. Generally there is no fee for i-360 for vawa applicants, the form is free so the fee is usually waived upon receiving it, for the other forms, you should wait for the receipt or rejection from uscis as there is no way to tell if it has been accepted or not.
  9. Do not worry yourself about that. From my knowledge there's no fingerprints for i-360, I did check yes and i never received fingerprints for that, after 5months I decided to file i-485 and i-765 then I received notice for fingerprints based on i-485 and I-765. However I also received EAD based on i-360 after approval, I never did a separate fingerprint for it.
  10. Yes, I still don't understand the reason for that, my spouse is a USC, on the i-360 approval notice it shows a priority date as the date my i-360 was received. Spouse never filled for me before, I thought priority date was met for on LPR and not USC, it is somehow confusing!
  11. You simply ask them to put it on hold and link it to your vawa, when your vawa is approved then you have your interview.
  12. Yes, but regarding the new changes,any denied petition will likely get a notice to appear in court.
  13. Wait and attend the interview. That way you have the opportunity to tell the officer not to put you in removal proceeding.