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  1. Congratulations! We were San Diego too! It is a lovely office. Please keep the thread updated with any case updates :).
  2. OP already answered this question, see below. It seems that you are at an impasse. You will not be granted a tourist visa unless you have more compelling ties to home, however, with your current predicament, you are already on the backfoot. I second that you spend more time together in a different country, perhaps the UK? If your boyfriend really wants to see what it is like living together before proposing then he will figure out a way to do so.
  3. One time when I called them it was 890 minutes for my call back 😝. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the callback that evening. Hope you get some answers Nikolet, please keep us posted .
  4. I concur with @debbiedoo. My husband and I had an 8 hour time difference while we were apart. Whenever we weren't at work we were on FaceTime, especially to sleep! We would be shopping or visiting friends and family and the other would be asleep in the background . My favourite part was when our schedules aligned at the weekend so we could take a nap together on FaceTime. It seemed to lessen the distance for a moment. And we just missed each other so bloody much! Not everyone will understand it, but I am sure some people will!
  5. We received the green card on Saturday! . So happy that we can get back to focusing on our life together without worrying about paperwork! . Good luck to everyone still waiting. Please ask any questions you may have and continue to post your interview experiences!
  6. Hi everyone! We had our interview on Tuesday, 14th August 2018. Concurrent filing of I-130/I-485/I-765 & I-131 sent: 01/20/2018 Notice date of case received: 02/02/2018 Biometrics: 02/26/2018 RFIE: 02/22/2018 RFIE response received: 04/04/2018 EAD/AP approved: 06/26/2018 EAD/AP received: 06/30/2018 SSN received: 07/03/2018 Interview scheduled: 07/03/2018 Interview Date: 08/14/2018 We were called in for our appointment about 45 minutes late. The officer was friendly, yet professional. He introduced himself and shook our hands and then took us down the corridor to his office. We both took a seat and the officer checked our IDs before asking us to stand and swear to tell the truth. He then looked through our file and started asking questions: full name/previous name/date of birth/place of birth - to each of us in turn. As the officer looked through our file, he would ask us a random question - looking at whoever he wanted to answer that question (such as: date we wed, where we married, date proposed, how my husband proposed, names of each of our parents, who was at our wedding, etc.). The officer asked if we had any photos of our wedding, to which we produced an album. He flicked through them and asked who various guests were in the photos, what has happening, etc. and took a couple of photos for the file. He also took the I-693 and went through that. He asked a majority, if not all, of the I-485 yes or no questions. He asked how we met, where we went when we met in person, etc. We took a tote bag full of evidence, including another photo album and a large envelope full of correspondence which he didn't look at. He asked if we had any other evidence we wanted to add to our file. As we had only sent a very small amount with our initial application, we had a bunch of stuff to give him: 1) Joint bank account 2) Joint auto insurance 3) Clubhouse gym and facilities residence cards showing photo and address 4) Joint health insurance 5) Joint store cards 6) AAA 7) Notarized affidavit from husband's parents also advising that we currently live with them 8 Joint 2017 tax return 9) Family phone plan The officer spent some time organizing our file with all the evidence and then said he needed to check something with his supervisor. He came back after a few minutes and asked to see my passport. He then asked about previous visits to the US - for how long and who I was visiting. After that he said he was recommending us for approval and handed us two slips to sign regarding the removal of conditions. The interview took around 45 minutes in total and felt fast paced. The egov and dhs sites have been updating randomly and out of sync. We received the I-797 for the I-130 a few days after the interview, on the 21st our status on the gov website changed to Card in Production (dhs one has not updated for I-485) and we received the I-797 on 25th. Every day I check USPS in the hope the card is on its way! No sign of it yet! Hope it arrives soon!
  7. Did he in any way indicate that he would need to check with his supervisor? Even if he did not, it could be that he needs it checked off with a supervisor before being able to update the case status / send your approval letter. I understand your anticipation! We had our interview a few weeks ago but I have been waiting for the card to arrive before updating here. The officer told us that he was recommending us for approval (towards the end of the interview he said he needed to check something with his supervisor) and we signed the paperwork advising we needed to remove the conditions. The egov and dhs sites have been updating randomly and out of sync. We received the I-797 for the I-130 a few days after the interview, on the 21st our status on the gov website changed to Card in Production (dhs one has not updated for I-485) and we received the I-797 on 25th. Every day I check USPS in the hope the card is on its way! Pleasseeeee tomorrow! . I am sure you will hear something soon! Please update and let us know! .
  8. Do you mean that the officer gave you a verbal approval at your interview? Have you checked both the USCIS gov and dhs websites for any updates?
  9. Congratulations! Have your cases updated on either/both the gov and dhs USCIS sites?
  10. On the I-765 for the EAD there is an option for USCIS to arrange a SSN for you. If you check this box it automatically follows the EAD around a week later.
  11. Hey @KPL. We also filed through San Diego! EAD and AP are currently taking around 5 months - if you requested an SSN on the I-765, that should follow about a week after the EAD. Interviews flowing pretty smoothly through the office so you may find an interview date for around 6/7 months after filing. If you haven't already, join the thread for the month you filed, i.e. June 2018 AOS Filers. You should find a lot of people in the same position as you and it really helps! Let me know if you have any more questions! Good luck to you and your spouse :).
  12. There is something stopping the OP from flying alone - she is pregnant and wishes to have the support of her husband. The OP is aware they can fly alone, if he can't go with her, as this has already been stated in the first response. "Literally everyone on this website does that"? That's not true at all. It is best not to spread misinformation, no matter how small.
  13. Congratulations @Stt! Our interview is coming up very soon at San Diego field office. I am so nervous even though I know we should be fine. Did you feel this way too?! I hope ours goes as smoothly as yours! Thank you so much for sharing your interview experience!
  14. Hey Nikolet! Yes. our interview date arrived about a week and a half after the arrival of the EAD. Getting rather nervous now!
  15. We received a notification yesterday that on 3rd July an interview had been scheduled. San Diego office here too! Anxious to receive the mail and find out the date it is scheduled as need to complete the I-693 beforehand!
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