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  1. I got the interview letter today in spite of how crazy busy the Mumbai embassy is ... hopefully you will get yours soon too. Good luck.
  2. I called NVC. They just gave the standard answer: We don't know when you will get interview. The consulate tells us that. It can take many months after being current to get the interview.
  3. Guys, please post here if anyone new gets the interview letter. Thanks. Seems like we are all current in the visa bulletin, waiting on the interview to be scheduled.
  4. When you say "my mother filed for USC last October 2018", did your mother become a USC in Oct 2018?Or just file for it? If she has not become USC, you might be still in F2b.
  5. https://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/how-long-does-a-request-to-opt-out-of-f1-to-f2b-ca-2787710.html
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