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  1. Finally received some updates! Oct. 12, 2018: EAD & AP Received Date Nov. 13, 2018: Biometrics Appointment Feb. 27, 2019: Received a text update, website says card is being produced Feb. 29, 2019: Received another text update, website says card has been mailed Mar. 4, 2019: Received NOA via mail for EAD & AP Now waiting for the card to arrive. Time to update our resumes and look for jobs!🥳 Still no update since biometrics on my AOS (Newark, NJ) though.
  2. Thank you! I actually did get it yesterday afternoon. Not with my married name, but at least I got my SSN.😅
  3. Some added info and updates: * Oct. 12 - Received date on NOA (I checked USPS tracking just on the 16th, forgot to see when they exactly received the package. Can’t check again as I have thrown the receipt along with the tracking number. But they probably received it on or before the 12th.) * Oct. 18 - Notice date on NOA * Oct. 23 - Social Security card date of issuance * Oct. 29 - Got my SScard in the mail That’s about 12 working days from the manual verification to the date of issuance of SScard. And additional 4 working days for my card to reach our mailbox.
  4. I’m happy for you, @Annaguilar! My 1st SSA agent really didn’t know what to do and even asked the other agent from the adjacent cubicle, who btw wasn’t sure either. Anyway, really happy for you!😊
  5. Hi, @Sweethj! It took 10 days for me to receive texts from USCIS after submission. No email received until today. But I did receive the NOAs through mail after 5 more days. You might hear from them really soon.🙂
  6. No, I don’t think that’s necessary at this moment. My NOA sates: Received date - Oct. 12 Notice date - Oct. 18 USCIS might have received the package earlier than Oct. 16. And I received the texts on Oct. 19. Since I have sent out my package 8 days earlier than your date of submission, you have to wait a bit more.
  7. Sorry, but I did read different forums here on VJ and other websites about married K1 visa holders applying for SSN under their married names. There were some who succeeded in obtaining one just by presenting their marriage certificates, which I did the first time. They said success of getting one depends on how competent agents are. If you’re right, then I don’t know which agent was the compent and which was not.😅 But really, I should have just applied sooner (2-3 weeks from arrival and still unmarried) under my maiden name. Thanks for the info. though!😊
  8. October 2017 K1 Visa & October 2018 AOS filer here! Just want to share my timeline: * Aug. 27 - Entered the US * Sept. 17 - Got married!❤ * Oct. 2 - Applied for SSN in Clifton, NJ (Tried to apply with my married name. They said I had to update the Immigration as I am already married. They were all obviously clueless about what to do with a K1 visa holder and just wanted me to go.) * Oct. 4 - Applied for SSN in Paterson, NJ (I decided to apply with my maiden name hoping I will not have any problem later on. They said they have to do a manual verification and asked me to wait for around 4 weeks for the card in the mail.) * Oct. 9 - Sent my I-485, I-765 & I-131 forms * Oct. 16 - USPS Tracking says package has been received * Oct. 19 - Received 3 texts from USCIS * Oct. 24 - Received 3 NOAs from USCIS through mail Wishing everyone here lots and lots of patience!⏳
  9. I have seen the links weeks ago and they were a big help in understanding and preparing for the next steps. Thank you for your help!😊 One of the members of the October forum told everyone to start calling after a week from NOA2, which was not really a good idea in retrospect. @Greenbaum is right. Start calling after 14 days and save time for yourself and the NVC people.
  10. After calling 5 times: 7, 9, 12, 14 & 15 days from NOA2, we finally have our NVC#! Time to register for a medical exam! NOA2 - June 13, 2018 NVC & invoice #s obtained - June 28, 2018
  11. Hello, fellow October filers! We got our NOA 1 on October 30, 2017. After 224 days, we finally have our NOA 2!🎉 I danced like crazy when I got the update, then immediately called my fiancé who just went to bed after getting off a 16hr-shift (he's a nurse). ℹ Some information that we think might help others: * We get movements on our case 3-4 days after calling the USCIS call center (prolly just coincidental as we only call when we think there should have already been some movements according to average processing time). * We received an RFE on an item that we were absolutely sure we have answered (because we made a photocopy of the form we have sent) and not on an item we failed to answer. * In replying to the RFE, we included a note explaining that we failed to answer another item and attached the updated page of the form (others advised us not to do this as it might cause further delay, but we have already sent out our reply when we got the info. We waited for 24 days from response to RFE received update to approval update change). * We got our NOA 1 update first on the CaseTracker app and old website, then got an email and an update on the new website. Currently, we only have the NOA 2 update on the new website (we just randomly checked it and voila! So just keep checking both old and new websites). Below is a screenshot of our timeline (according to new website). Praying for all the couples who are still waiting for their NOA 2s. Keep the faith and stay strong. We will all surely be with our partners soon!❤
  12. We were in a hurry replying to the RFE letter and decided to include the info on Multiple Filer Waiver Request before we have read this. Thanks though! Praying we both won't get another RFE.😓
  13. Hi! On May 11, we were notified that we will be receiving an RFE. We were absolutely sure that it will be about the Multiple Filer Waiver Request Information as we have a photocopy of the sent Form-I-128F. However, today (May 17) we have received the RFE letter and it asks about Criminal Information that we are a 100% sure was answered. Now our question is should we also include our answer to the Multiple Filer Waiver Request question or should we just answer those stated on the RFE about the Criminal Information questions? Just in case you're wondering, neither one of us had any criminal record or did we file another waiver. Any help will be greatly appreciated!💕
  14. Sorry, that's NOA1: October 30, 2017!
  15. Hello, everyone! We finally had an update (an RFE) after what felt like a thousand years! NOA1: October 10, 2017 Visa Journey estimate: May 2-7, 2018 RFE: May 11, 2018 Current days of waiting: 194 Notified by: (1) CaseTracker app and (2) old website (actually stated "received", but was updated when we logged in). No update thru text or e-mail, and new website still shows "received". We were actually expecting an RFE 'cause we failed to answer an item. We just laughed off the possible 2-week (or more, just hoping it wouldn't be a 60-day) delay as we are really thankful that we finally got an update. Wishing all of us who are still waiting for that "approved" update the best of luck!❤🍀