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  1. Does anybody have any experience getting the medical exams in Chile like Time, directions, schedule, doctors?
  2. Man, they sure make things confusing! Ok, I'll just post the transcripts then and try that. Thanks for the help!!
  3. Thanks for your response. But this is from the NVC website: You are uploading FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURN OR TRANSCRIPT on this screen. Please attach or upload one of the following documents to show your Tax Returns: Federal Tax Return, State Tax Return, W-2 or Other It says upload one of the following....and has W2 listed as an option.
  4. Hi, We received a message today from the NVC on the FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURN OR TRANSCRIPT section for both the Petitioner and the Joint Sponsor. We each uploaded a W2 PDF of the most recent tax year but both were rejected. This is the message we received: "We are unable to accept these documents as uploaded. Please delete these documents and submit them under the correct document type." I'm not sure how to correct this. We followed the upload directions correctly but still got rejected. Maybe resubmit them in a JPEG format? Everything else we uploaded has been accepted. We would appreciate any help with this!
  5. Do Social Security earnings count as an asset? I have SS earnings from 2002-2017. Or do I need to be retired to count those?
  6. We are wondering if we need a joint sponsor, my husband and I live in chile he quit his 11 years job in 2017 to travel, we met in Chile and got married here, he has some assets in the USA and stocks but no actual salary income annually but he has a job contract for when we get back , is there some way to explain that or we will need a sponsor? we will appreciate your opinions, thanks.
  7. The embassy told us to send the package to Chicago Lockbox because the Embassy does not offer that procedure anymore in this country.
  8. I recently got married in Chile and I am filling out the form I-130 for an alien relative. There is not a USCIS office in this country so I understand that we need to mail the form to the USA. I am currently living with my wife in Chile while we wait for the visa process so we can enter the US together. My question is, which address should I use on the form for my mailing address? My California address or my temporary address in here in Chile? Thank you. Ricky&Ros
  9. Ros&Ricky

    Visa Spouse

    Thanks for your quick answer.
  10. Hello, I recently got married here and I am filling out the form I-130 for an alien relative. My question is where should I send the documents if I'm not in the US and there is no USCIS office in Chile? Also, what is the most efficient process to get my wife into the States? She is currently 9 weeks pregnant and we are hoping to have the baby born back in my home state of California. Thank you very much Sincerely Ricky&Rous