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  1. thanks so much for the breakdown of what you did, much appreciated!
  2. ah thank you Kindly perfect, that helps me answer what I was wondering, much appreciated!
  3. yes its the country of citizenship but we are not processing thru that consulate.
  4. none of what you said actually answers the question, but its fine, I found out from others. Not sure why you're so concerned with being on this thread when you processed from an entirely different embassy
  5. thanks so much for your reply, very helpful! Is the letter from GP absolutely necessary if none of those mental health problems (or any problems for that matter) exist?
  6. that's all great info, but doesn't address my question about GP surgery prior to the immigration specific medical exam. you're great at research, but this question is more specific than what you found
  7. browsed the threads, nothing specific to that, thats why im asking.
  8. do you know if you have to visit your GP surgery first to bring medical records with you to the Immigration Medical exam?
  9. How do medical exams work for London Embassy? Do you have to see the GP surgery first & if so, what kind of document does the GP need to provide for you to take to the immigration medical exam?
  10. I didn't say anything about Taiwan - I dont have a clue about them. Must have been someone else
  11. I am inquiring about any of the embassies in general, because once one opens I am guessing more will follow suit. I do realize its an embassy-specific thing.
  12. @wifidolly which embassy are you processing thru? thank you for your reply too
  13. I've heard of some people still having a June or July interview for the spousal IR/CR-1. Anyone out there? Also heard of some reschedules from March rescheduled to September.
  14. @8bithearts hi there, what restrictions are you referencing that have been loosened? are you taking about Boris's plan? Just inquiring since we are also processing through London embassy. thank you!
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