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  1. Oh wow thank u for ur information Sir @K1visaHopeful Yes my GC and combo card arrived in the same day, but seperate envelope. I will call them. thank u
  2. Yes i did @K1visaHopeful I applied it inside the working permit form. My friend got the ssn after she got the working permit within 3 days
  3. Hello my friends, How long did u get the ssn after u got ur combo card? I received my greencard and combocard on March 27th. But im still waiting my ssn. Thank u
  4. Hi , If we get this request, so how do we know what evidence we need to fullfil? Hehe i just curious. Im scared if we will get that too
  5. @K1visaHopeful Hey we got the 3 texts already Omg thank u so much I feel so happpyyy Wohoo
  6. Hi im in Tucson, AZ actually, but my Poe was in LA. We drove from LA to Tucson. I have been waiting for 1 and half hour Ah thank u for the information. Im glad to hear that
  7. AOS package (i-485, I-864, i-765) Sent: 12/11/2018 received: 12/14/2018 Text : 12/20/2018 Hi everyone , im a december filer I am so sad, i only got 1 text which mean 1 tracking number for Travel document only. Do u guys think my another packages have problem? Thank u 😭😭😭
  8. hello everyone. will the petitioner get snail mail (document) from NVC too if already got the case number? thank you
  9. dear Everyone in this group. my fiance already got email from US Embassy in my country (beneficiary) its mean my NVC already at my embassy. We didint call NVC. im so happy thank you so much everyone, good luck for u guys NOA 1: 8/24/2017 NOA 2: 3/2/2018 NVC at my embassy: 3/23/2018
  10. Congratulations Im so happy to hear that
  11. Wow congratulations. Your noa2 and mine only different a day. Hope mine soon. Thank u so much for updateting to us
  12. wow, i wake up and opened this thread. congratulations for who already got the case number today hope we will get it soon too today i maybe will have some stress , because alot of meeting schedule, hope i get good news when baack to home later love u guys
  13. wow congratulations we havent called yet, noa 2 3/2 because i want it surprise haha thank u for this information. hope next week we get it the case number
  14. Happy monday everyone, hope today weather there is good, so NVC can start working and have a good day
  15. Im glad today they r open 😂 Thank u for keeping update 😊