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  1. Hello all, Ive looked extensively through the forum but cant seem to find if anyone has successfully combined both the K1 and K2 AOS fees on one G-1450 credit card form. The website seems to be explicit in that you must separate for each application but I have seen some K1 applicants combine all application fees on one form. Thanks for the help.
  2. So I have tried to call the embassy with no luck and have emailed with no response. I found a link to the CEAC Status and found the Status of "READY". Is this a good sign??? I will continue to try and contact them but am wondering if we should go ahead and submit the DS160?
  3. Thank you both I will contact the embassy directly and find the status before continuing! I pray somehow someway it is still active and they work with us!
  4. Hey everyone, I have a few questions regarding submitting a new 129-f for my fiance. Our first 129-f was approved but we separated before the approval and I was unaware of a form to withdraw the submission. (in all honesty, I was a bit detached from the situation and ignored it). The approval expired in June of this year for her to apply for the Visa and interview. Questions are what will I need to do to submit a new 129f?? Will I have issues because I did not withdraw the initial 129f? Question 43 asks if I have submitted for another beneficiary? That would be a NO but Im not sure. Any one who can help regarding this please feel free. Thanks, Juan
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