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  1. I have been fighting with this for about 2 weeks now, I have called every goverment agency that I can think of, hopefully someone has experience with this can give me an answer. My wife has been here for about 14 months, I couldn't get her social security card until after she received her AOS "green card" due to the incompetence of the social security office, but I now have her social security card and her green card and I had the ACA office take her information and accept her for a health insurance plane for 2020, but they did say it was goverment assistance. My main concern is the goverment coming back on me when I file my taxes or later to repay the discount the ACA gave us. Has anyone applied and used the ACA department for their wife that came here on a K1 visa then received her AOS and had all her paperwork I described and not had any problems later. I searched here but couldn't find a direct answer either. Thank You for any help, and if this needs to be moved please do so. Shadow
  2. If you do to where you download the form it will tell you what version number you should have. They have to match, its very confusing as the date for it to be expired really had no meaning only that it matches the form version at the bottom and the website.
  3. I thought I’d share this to help anyone that’s filing their I-485. I downloaded the only form of the UCSIS website and went over getting everything to my satisfaction which took a couple weeks I wasn’t worried about my fiancées status as I had a month left before she would become out of status. The top of the form said it expired in 06/30/2019, but the bottom had a code of 06/26/17 when I sent them in on December 13th after preparing it on the night of December 12th and sent it off on 12-13-2018. I knew their were holidays and the government shutdown as I waited to get my results. I finally called on January 4th and found out I had been rejected because the new code at the bottom is now 12/13/17 and this was rejected on 12/20/2018 and they mailed the rejection which I never received. I called about it and found out that I should receive my paperwork during the next 30 days and all my original records are now tied up in the mail. I e-mauled the lock box about this and they will be getting back to me in about 2 weeks. This has caused me to lose time on my filing of the case and I’m not even sure if I’ll get my papers back as I never received my rejection letter yet.
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