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  1. If you do to where you download the form it will tell you what version number you should have. They have to match, its very confusing as the date for it to be expired really had no meaning only that it matches the form version at the bottom and the website.
  2. I just checked and you’re probably correct. I had an I-485 form from when I filled out the I-129 in my folder I was working from on my computer and my I-864 was the form that was out of date for expiration on the top of the form. So I downloaded it, and when I checked my I-485 form it said it was valid until 06-30-2019. In all my research I never came across there needing to be a correct version number when the expiration date was still good on the top of the form. It’s my mistake but my post was to help someone else from making the same mistake and pay attention to version numbers, no matter what the expiration date says at the top of the form. This cost me valuable time and from the looks of it I haven’t received a rejection letter and probably won’t get my original packet back with some original documents or my form of payment in it than I will have to cancel, plus made for a lot of headaches. Thank you for your help.
  3. That’s nice to know now thank you. I wish they put in the guide here that the valid date on the top means nothing and it’s the revision number is all they care about. Mainly why I posted this so it doesn’t happen to someone else.
  4. I was told to wait by the level 2 officer I called to wait for the results to make sure there weren’t any other issues. How can you send a non certified copy for your fiancées birth copy, which came from her country that she no longer lives I ? And no they didn’t cash it are let me know. From the date code it looks like they changed the form the day I mailed it.
  5. I thought I’d share this to help anyone that’s filing their I-485. I downloaded the only form of the UCSIS website and went over getting everything to my satisfaction which took a couple weeks I wasn’t worried about my fiancées status as I had a month left before she would become out of status. The top of the form said it expired in 06/30/2019, but the bottom had a code of 06/26/17 when I sent them in on December 13th after preparing it on the night of December 12th and sent it off on 12-13-2018. I knew their were holidays and the government shutdown as I waited to get my results. I finally called on January 4th and found out I had been rejected because the new code at the bottom is now 12/13/17 and this was rejected on 12/20/2018 and they mailed the rejection which I never received. I called about it and found out that I should receive my paperwork during the next 30 days and all my original records are now tied up in the mail. I e-mauled the lock box about this and they will be getting back to me in about 2 weeks. This has caused me to lose time on my filing of the case and I’m not even sure if I’ll get my papers back as I never received my rejection letter yet.
  6. Yes I did that and the other office had no problem with the date, they even stated they spoke to the first office manager who filed the request for my wife’s SS card. But I feel it’s been improperly done as they said the first office understood what to do when I called them in the morning, and as y’all stated I’m on a limited time now. I’ve tried calling 3 different times to get the main SS office to agree I could get a SS card for my wife but was told there was no way to get one without a green card. I only found out that I could get one at the end of last week and was not aware there was an extra 14 days that wouldn’t count to be able to use on the I-94. Maybe I missed it in the instructions but it might be a goood idea to add that information to the instructions page on the visa journey website.
  7. I’m sorry I took the 14 days off it when I gave you the date. Officially the I-94 expires on January 10 2019. I finally got the officer to file the request for her SS card but she somehow keyed it in to where she showed me her report that it’s been denied and stated K-1 Visa holders are not eligible for a SS card without their green card. No if, ands, or buts about it. I then spoke to another office and they had a completely different story, I’m now worried that she entered the data incorrectly.
  8. I don't have the NOA1 for the AOS yet what would this help as what I was told today that would make no difference, the K1 visa is what the officer keyed in off the I-94 and told me is what caused us to be denied a Social Security Number.
  9. It expires December 27th, they accepted the I-94 today but told me a K1 visa holder is not allowed a Social Security number until they get their green card. I have to wait until I get it to apply again, this is the same answer I got when I call the Social Scurity office 2 weeks after she arrived as well.
  10. She arrived October 13th, the problem is she doesn't have an I-94, that's a hard copy "with a stamp on it" as she arrived by plane and has the electronic I-94 with the stamp in the passport which he refused to even look at, and not by land where the immigrant gets the hard copy is what I found here. I think the guys not familiar with a K-1 visa application and only deals with immigrants from South America. Said his manger denied it as well as anybody can print one of those. Very nice helpful friendly fella as you can see. The person on the phone at the SS Administration was even worse, straight up said I didn't know what I was talking about as I explained the option for getting a SS card off their website. https://www.dmv.org/articles/i-94-forms-and-arriving-in-the-u-s/
  11. My fiancée and I have gotten married and we went to get her a social security card. We have sent off our AOS package already and we have the electronic I-94. The official at the Social Security Office said we need the I-94 card "Stamped" he will not accept anything else, and refused to look at her passport showing her entrance stamp. I tried calling the USCIS, the Customs and Border DHS, and the Social Security Admistration and all I'm getting is call the other department we can't help you routine. Any help with this would be appreciated we've just spent hours doing research online with no solutions found yet.
  12. I picked a date on the calender and started answering the questions at least a third say I have the wrong answer like where I live my fiancee was born etc.
  13. I still don't see how to answer all the questions off this page https://cfo.ph/GCP_Online_Cebu/LoginClient.aspx are where to get my confirmation to get into the CFO office? And thank you for the information.
  14. How do I find your website for the CFO I'm having trouble with the questions, I put in the correct answer and it says it doesn't match.
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