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  1. mikobarb

    Fiance Lost His Job

    Thanks for all your advice guys! I'm definitely more calm today and hopeful going forward. We are pretty sure we can get a sponsor and will get one regardless if he gets a job or not just in case (he might have to accept a lower-paying job for the meantime anyhow). Glad to hear about other experiences. If all else fails, I will re-book my interview but I'm hoping I won't have to! Thanks again
  2. mikobarb

    Fiance Lost His Job

    He doesn't have assets, no. He is going to call some of his family about being a sponsor...so we will see...unfortunately, his parents (mom and stepdad who we would have asked to be our sponsor -.-) that we were going to move in with when I move ...well his stepdad also worked at the same place and got laid off and his mom is a stay-at-home mom...ahhh I'm just so worried now. So, does he NEED to have a job in order to have a co-sponsor? If he does find a job by the interview and maybe making enough for us both, my understanding is that he would still need the sponsor because he would be in a new position? Please let me know if you have any extra details at all! I'm freaking out and I'm at a loss for, well, thoughts I suppose.
  3. My fiance just got laid off today without notice. My interview is November 7th. I'm...at a loss. I'm assuming we need to find a joint sponsor now instead? He had all his paperwork for his current job ready to go...where do we go from here? What happens if we can't find a sponsor?
  4. mikobarb

    EI before I leave...

    Hey! I got laid off from my last job at the beginning of September due to lack of work. I have since applied for EI and am waiting on a response. My interview is next month and the plan is to leave to the US at the start of January. I have been applying for jobs although have not gotten any callbacks yet. Am I allowed to go on EI or is that considered bad since I am planning on leaving the country? I have enough hours to qualify but I just want to make sure everything I'm doing is legal. I did my first two reports and reported there were some days I was unavailable to work and will continue to do so when I have to travel to Montreal...do I have to let them know I am currently in the process of getting a US Visa? Thanks!
  5. mikobarb

    Unique SSN Situation, maybe.

    Perfect! Thank you so much for your help!
  6. mikobarb

    Unique SSN Situation, maybe.

    Thanks! So apply for a replacement card and give them the I-94 to show I'm on a K-1 Visa - and I am assuming they would then change the class type from TD (child of TN alien) to K-1 if I understand correctly?
  7. mikobarb

    Unique SSN Situation, maybe.

    I haven't been approved yet, interview is Nov. 7th, but I'm just trying to prepare beforehand! I was wondering if anyone has ever run into this specific situation.... I live in a border city (Windsor) and my dad worked in Detroit for all of my childhood. My brother and I were given SSNs to be eligible for his benefits/insurance. Unfortunately, it seems my SSN card has been replaced, however I do know what the number is thanks to old income tax files. My question or concern is...what happens when I go to get an SSN after I move there? From what I understand, your SSN is yours for life and you cannot get a new one - would I just have a new classification? Would I need extra documents for anything? @.@ Any other Canadians experience this situation? Thanks!
  8. mikobarb

    Proof of Domicile

    Ahhh that's very comforting! Thank you for your response! x.x I was freaking out about it lmao!
  9. mikobarb

    Proof of Domicile

    Hey! Are we sure about this? Just wondering since it's on the packet 4 list. Thanks for replying btw! If I don't have to worry about this it'll definitely take a load off my chest!
  10. mikobarb

    Proof of Domicile

    Wee bit of an update. He renewed his license today with his physical address and has a temporary license for now so we should be able to use that as proof of domicile for the interview. He also found his vehicle registration from which shows his physical address. As it stands, everything else still has his mailing address. Is that enough for proof of domicile? I'm getting worried about it lol!
  11. mikobarb

    Proof of Domicile

    We have the physical address on the application. Will driver's license be enough proof of domicile?
  12. mikobarb

    Proof of Domicile

    Hey. My fiance is preparing to send me everything I need for my interview (Nov. 7th) but we have run into an issue regarding proof of domicile. He lives with his parents so there are no utility bills or anything that can prove his address there. All of his other documents, including his driver's license, bank statements, phone bills, pay stubs, income tax, etc., are all under his mailing address and not his physical address (he lives in an area that doesn't deliver to his home address so he has a private mailbox at a separate location). I'm not really sure what to do moving forward...any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  13. mikobarb

    Urgent: New police certificate requirement!!!

    I'm a bit confused! I went to the RCMP today and they sent me to Commissionaires. I wasn't able to get anything done today since it was late in the day but they explained to me that the Privacy Act is no longer certified and therefore has no fingerprints or embossing on the certificate. They said they could still do it but is there another certified police check I can get with fingerprints included? (I already have the regular police certificate from local police!) Thanks! Seems like the whole process is very vague right now lol
  14. Just a quick question - I got my passport style photos done today, but they are larger than the US ones (I'm Canadian). Overall, the general guidelines are the same, just the size of the photos are different. Will this be a problem? Thanks!
  15. Hello, new here! Just recently got engaged and we're looking into the K-1 visa process. I have a few questions regarding the I-129F form. 1. My fiance currently lives with his parents, but he plans on moving into an apartment by the time I get there. There is a section titled "Address in the United States where the beneficiary intends to live". Of course, we don't know what the intended address would be...do we just put down his parents' address? Will there be any problems regarding that later on when he moves? 2. I know we have to put our employment history for the past five years, but there is only two slots plus option to add more on another page. I've gone through quite a few jobs in the last five years because of things, but have been steadily working at one for nearly a year now. Do I just need to provide my last two or every single one from the last five years (e.g. I have one that literally lasted two days with a temp agency, lol)? Will having several jobs affect my chances? Thanks in advance!