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  1. mikobarb

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    I just wanted to note that I had also paid for it to be sent directly to my house but it was still not sent out because of the strike. :/ I ended up using a courier service in Montreal. Looks like the Canada Post might be ending soon though? Hopefully! It could have been an oversight, but it's worth contacting the Consulate about anyway.
  2. mikobarb

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    If you haven't contacted them yet, here's more from my experience! I also live in Windsor and it was easy peasy.
  3. mikobarb

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    donotreply@usvisa-info.com this was the e-mail that I was receiving from (their name shows as "The Visa Information Service). The end of the e-mail says: "For any questions, please contact our official U.S. Visa Information services at: https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-ca/niv/information/contact_us" @CKING I had my interview November 7th and was contacted via e-mail the following day to pick it up on the 9th. I received the same e-mail (with different dates) two more times. My status was also changed to "Issued" at the time of the first e-mail. This was just my experience. I don't know if they are doing the same for everyone...but I hope so. X.x sorry I know that's not very helpful. Bad timing with this strike.
  4. mikobarb

    Windsor/Detroit POE!

    G'morning guys! Now that I have my K-1 visa in hand, I am planning on entering Jan. 3rd, 2019. My fiance is coming to visit over the Christmas holidays and then we will be flying out of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport - so our POE will be the Windsor/Detroit bridge OR tunnel (any suggestions as to which is better?). Now, I see a few threads and reviews about this POE but they are a bit outdated - anyone cross this year at all? Also, since we will be flying out, my mom and brother plan to cross with us to drive us to the airport and then later return to Windsor - should that be a problem? (I've crossed the border many, MANY times in my life, at both the bridge and the tunnel, but never regarding immigration!) Would there be any further issues at the airport because I'm on a visa (I would assume not because it would then be a domestic flight)? Also, any recommendations regarding this specific POE? Things we should be ready to be asked, etc? Thanks!
  5. mikobarb

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    I'm sorry to hear that! That's #######. When my fiance sent me the documents required on his behalf for the interview, he had sent through USPS/CP .... and it took a lonnnnng time to arrive and arrived the day before I left for Montreal I believe. We were unable to locate it and it was very frustrating. These rotating strikes are probably causing a lot of mail to be lost/untrackable, and it's not cool. I hope yours comes to you soon!
  6. mikobarb

    How fast is turn around from interview to visa?

    And an update less than an hour later - my passport/visa and package is safe in my hands and in good condition!! It's definitely better going this route while Canada Post is on strike.
  7. mikobarb

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    Thanks - this is what I ended up doing! For more details for those who are interested: I e-mailed Messageries Speedo Monday morning and they e-mailed me back and told me to call. I called and spoke to Sylvain (ask for him!) and he was very helpful. I told him my package needed to be picked up Tuesday (as per the e-mail I received from the Consulate giving me that option) between 10am and 12pm. He needed an authorization letter, which I sent him as well as the e-mail the consulate sent me (I had to wait until I had access to a printer/scanner so I could sign so the office was closed by the time I was able to send the documents. Sylvain called me back Tuesday right in the morning to confirm delivery and so I could pay). I got my package today, Wednesday, before 6pm. They sent it through UPS for next day shipping. Everything is intact and the package that says "DO NOT OPEN" is not opened! I paid 50.75$ total and it saved me from returning to Montreal, staying there for a few extra days, and worrying about the darn Canada Post strike. It's definitely worth it! My interview was last Wednesday and I have my visa in hand exactly a week later. Such an easy process. :DD Thanks for recommending this option @saadbutt and for pointing it out to me @arellah!!
  8. mikobarb

    How fast is turn around from interview to visa?

    With my experience last week, I had stayed an extra day and my passport was ready on Friday - however, I was unable to stay that day...so it could be worth staying a few days, at least mine was issued incredibly fast it seems. I don't trust Canada Post right now, so I used the alternate solution that's been suggested - via courier. I contacted Messageries Speedo Monday morning and talked to Sylvain - I sent him the needed information and we spoke again yesterday morning. My package was picked up from the Consulate between 10 and 12, and was then delivered through UPS to me. I am supposed to be receiving it any minute now!! It cost 50$. It's definitely the cheapest and most efficient way I think! I'll update once I have my passport in hand, but seems to be the best option so far. Best of luck with your interview & let me know if you have any questions!!
  9. Congrats on getting approved! When I was there last week, they handed me back my original birth certificate at the interview window without me asking, so I would think it's protocol to have it returned to you.
  10. mikobarb

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    They told me I could pick up my passport this morning between 10-12 and my flight was at 8:30 😢 feels bad man (interview was Nov 7). There was no way I could change it either unfortunately. I think I'm going to get it couriered to me if possible like the other user here did...either that or take a train/bus back to Montreal but this courier way seems the cheapest/most convenient. Anyone have any suggestions of which service to use? Will UPS pick up the package or do I have to go through someone else first? Thank you!
  11. Uhm easy indeed!! I just got approved without a hitch and they didn't need most of what I had! Thanks for your help everyone!!
  12. I do + P4. I have everything needed but I just wanted to be prepared if they ask for extra details! Thank you.
  13. Thank you! I'll just do that then 😃
  14. Thanks! Do you have any insight regarding the I-134 Affidavit of Support?