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  1. I’ve received an email saying that they will reschedule, now that my husband has his EAD & AP we’re not worried about a delay, as this honeymoon is one involving 2 of our relatives’ weddings and our own honeymoon. We just hope they push the new interview back far enough to where we will be back (3 weeks time)
  2. Hey everyone, so we got the EAD and AP, which was amazing but they scheduled our interview for when we decided to do our late honeymoon states away 😕 called USCIS where they did an electronic request to reschedule but said it could cause denial or delay, and may not be rescheduled at all! Does anyone have experience or tips on this? Thanks ! Xxx
  3. Hey everyone, our NOA1 was October 5th and we got the update that a new card was being processed so I guess we’re getting our EAD! And our interview was scheduled
  4. Hi everyone! we have our biometrics test on October 29th and our NOA1 was October 5th, does anyone know what the average time til EAD and GC status is currently ?
  5. That’s how we’re looking at it, I just want my fiancé here ASAP and last minute flights are close to 1,000 dollars so if we wanted a reasonable ticket, we either buy a month before the interview or for a month after. It’s already been close to 3 months since I’ve seen him, 4 is long enough :/
  6. We haven’t bought them yet but the plan is to buy them before the interview. I know people who see and have done both sides of it, and some people see it as a big risk, but I feel like as long as we give ourselves a reasonable timeline & the insurance for the flights, the worst that will happen, is we use our insurance to change his departure date.
  7. No, once it’s easy it’ll stay like that because “In transit” is just saying it’s on the way to your embassy. Once ready, it has reached your embassy
  8. Thanks ! Yeah most airlines offer travel insurance for full cancellations up to 48 hours before the flight
  9. I’m aware of this, however, we are purchasing travel insurance with our ticket Incase of mishaps, but buying a last minute ticket is not worth the money. I’ve known people who have gone this route with no issue but thanks for the concern
  10. Okay, great. We want to buy my fiancé’s plane ticket for July 12/13th and his interview is on June 29th so I’m just making sure that’s a reasonable timeline
  11. Has anyone from the UK had an interview yet? I’m under the impression it takes 7-10 days to get your passport back after the interview & just wanted to see if anyone had already gone through this
  12. We booked it last week for June 12th, and his interview for the 29th. If we don’t get a medical cancellation by the 1st we’re going to stop calling & just buy his plane ticket for July 12th. Seeing as though most people get their passport back 7-8 days after the interview
  13. @Brittani how long did it take after case number til you booked your interview ? Mine is saying in transit still but we got our case no almost a week ago
  14. Thank you, you’re so sweet!! My fiancé has his medical the day of your interview
  15. We tried to book but the website was saying “that number is not available or ready for an appointment” so how did you do it?
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