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  1. Congratulations Guys

  2. Congratulations I wish you guys

    more success in the journey ahead.:D

    1. Olumide & Funlola

      Olumide & Funlola

      Thank you very much!!! I wish you the same! :)


    2. Oluwasegun
    3. Oluwasegun


      Good day, please I need your help I will like to ask you few questions on how you handled your processes before your visa got approved. USCIS has approved our application and I will like to know when I will start to put together my documents here in Nina and every others steps . thank you

  3. Olumide & Funlola

    May 2018 NO2 ----> NVC

    My fiance had his interview today and we're APPROVED!!!!!! I'm so glad that this process has finally come to a close!!
  4. Olumide & Funlola

    May 2018 NO2 ----> NVC

    Hello Sis, Do you know if the US Consulate keep the financial documents (tax transcripts, pay stubs, employer letter, etc), or are they given back after the interview? Thanks!
  5. Olumide & Funlola

    May 2018 NO2 ----> NVC

    Yes, I am familiar with the documents that we need and the next steps. I just want to play it safe and receive the instructions from the embassy before booking the interview and doing medicals. Glad you're all set though!
  6. Olumide & Funlola

    May 2018 NO2 ----> NVC

    I received the auto response too. The embassy will respond to your actual email within a few days.
  7. Olumide & Funlola

    May 2018 NO2 ----> NVC

    Hi, I emailed them at lagosIV@state.gov Basically, I put my fiance's name, the USCIS receipt number, and the NVC case number. Then I requested for the additional steps and packet 3 for the K1 visa.
  8. Olumide & Funlola

    May 2018 NO2 ----> NVC

    No, that's why. It was ready the day after I sent the email, but I knew it would take them a few days to respond. They responded when it was "Ready" but told me they haven't received the physical file. So I'll just wait till next week.
  9. Olumide & Funlola

    May 2018 NO2 ----> NVC

    I received the same message from the embassy. I think it just means to wait for the embassy to finish processing our case, then they'll get back to us. I sent the email out a bit early and I'm sure my case wasn't ready yet when they responded.
  10. Olumide & Funlola

    May 2018 NO2 ----> NVC

    I know right? It's such a good feeling after waiting 6 weeks from the NOA 2.
  11. Olumide & Funlola

    May 2018 NO2 ----> NVC

    Case is 'Ready' after 2 days. Awaiting Packet 3 now. This is getting so real
  12. Olumide & Funlola

    May 2018 NO2 ----> NVC

    We don't need to make appointments for medicals in Nigeria. We just need to wait to pay the visa fee (have the DS-160 confirmation page) and have the interview booked to before we can go for medicals.
  13. Olumide & Funlola

    May 2018 NO2 ----> NVC

    Yay! Congrats, we're officially a huge step closer. And yeah, that's typical, just ignore it.
  14. Olumide & Funlola

    May 2018 NO2 ----> NVC

    Mine's in transit!! After 14 days! Finally!
  15. Olumide & Funlola


    You're right, we just have to wait. Same with me, I don't want this process to suck the life out of me. I know we'll be together at the end of all of this. Hoping for a positive response soon. And Yes, please keep me posted. I would really appreciate that! ❤