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  1. We got a notification on our case tracker this morning that our EAD was approved!!! Apparently it was approved yesterday and we didn't even know!! 😁 Case Received: November 7, 2018 Approved: May 31, 2019 We were planning to expedite through the congressman next week but we thought it would be best to hold off since it appeared that they were finally getting to November. Hang in there everyone, your approval is on the way. It's good to know that they're finally approving November filers so your turn is next!!! πŸ˜„πŸ™Œ
  2. So sorry that you're forced to miss your mom's wedding due to this awful delay by USCIS. So many people are missing out on all their plans due to this and it really sucks! I feel confident that you'll be able to make it back to the UK for your wife's birthday by September... of course it's hard to predict what will happen with USCIS, but I feel like we will get our EAD/AP soon. I hope they roll them all out in a big batch like they did last month for the October filers. 🀞 OMG!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! 😁
  3. We too have a wedding planned for September and when we started planning, I thought my husband would have been working at least some months beforehand to help with the costs of things. We're at a few months before the wedding and still owing thousands to vendors and doing Doordash/Postmates on the weekends to make the extra money we now owe and in fear that we won't be able to pay up on time. This process has been frustrating for us and as much as we want to express that my husband's lack of employment leads to a significant loss for us with everything we've planned towards a wedding, I always felt in my opinion that USCIS would see it as an "insignificant" issue that we put on ourselves. And that we were being selfish to throw a big wedding that we couldn't afford in the first place when we could have just had a backyard wedding or something small. But who knew that after 7 months, we still wouldn't have a work permit!?!?! I mean, we can definitely pay for the wedding by September with my income and help from both families, but we're prepared to eat beans from a can up until then lol. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ Anyway, it's good to know now that there was a successful case in the past from someone who claimed financial loss due to having a planned wedding and the penalties that might follow if the balance isn't paid. We might also use that as a reason to expedite in addition to other financial stress we are also facing. It's worth a try...
  4. I know, I have such low expectations as well. I wish you the best too! I hope it doesn't even reach 221 days for you guys.
  5. It took us 198 days for our i-129f to get approved when we filed for the K-1 visa. Today, we're on day 195 since our case was received and it's just crazy that the EAD will most likely pass our K-1 processing time.. I mean, we still have a couple days to change that lol. Hoping we don't get to 200 days either but we'll see. 🀞
  6. I know the feeling. I'm hoping we don't get passed the number of days it took to get our i-129f approved cause I'll officially lose hope in the system. The current wait time just to get a work permit is ridiculous πŸ™„
  7. We hit the 170 days milestone today!!! πŸ€— *sarcasm overload*
  8. Hang in there!! We're Nov 7th and sometimes I feel like the beginning of November was left behind. But I believe we're all next 😁😁😁
  9. My husband sends me screenshots of other people's EAD approvals from vj in excitement and I always think it's ours. He has gotten my hopes up way too many times. 🀣
  10. Congratulations Guys

  11. Congratulations I wish you guys

    more success in the journey ahead.:D

    1. Olumide & Funlola

      Olumide & Funlola

      Thank you very much!!! I wish you the same!Β :)


    2. Oluwasegun
    3. Oluwasegun


      Good day, please I need your help I will like to ask you few questions on how you handled your processes before your visa got approved. USCIS has approved our application and I will like to know when I will start to put together my documents here in Nina and every others steps . thank you

  12. My fiance had his interview today and we're APPROVED!!!!!! I'm so glad that this process has finally come to a close!!
  13. Hello Sis, Do you know if the US Consulate keep the financial documents (tax transcripts, pay stubs, employer letter, etc), or are they given back after the interview? Thanks!
  14. Yes, I am familiar with the documents that we need and the next steps. I just want to play it safe and receive the instructions from the embassy before booking the interview and doing medicals. Glad you're all set though!
  15. I received the auto response too. The embassy will respond to your actual email within a few days.
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