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  1. After 6 months of wait, status has finally changed to "Card Is Being Produced" Here is my timeline: Fee Paid: 16 July 2019 POE: 18 Oct 2019 (JFK) Card Produced: 18 April 2020 Tips for people waiting for Card: 1. Create Service Request with USCIS (I created 2 tickets) 2. Call USCIS and ask to speak with tier-2 supervisor 3. Check status with Chat representatives. (Personally, i feel these are the most helpful people in USCIS )
  2. Hi i am also waiting for 150 days now. I heard you can contact your local senator office to expedite the process. I still have my ticket pending with USCIS though but I'm sure it isn't gonna be helpful
  3. I am waiting for 135 days now. POE: 18 Oct 2019 Already raised a complaint with USCIS
  4. I am waiting for my GC for more than 120 days now. POE 18 October 2019, Fee paid in July Current Status: In Process USCIS has accepted your application, petition, or request for processing. Any one here who is waiting for more than 120 days ?
  5. Many congratulations !! My status is still the same, hoping to get the good news soon
  6. I called USCIS and they lodged the complain for the delay. Reply will be in 30 days.
  7. Yes, I paid it back in July I will update if anything changes..
  8. Hi, I got I-551 on my passport at POE in mid of October. I stayed in US for about 5 days and then I traveled back to my country due to some unfinished work. Now my status on USCIS is following: I checked with some other friends and their GCs were delivered within 6 weeks. I want to confirm if me moving out of USA so quickly has any impact of Green Card processing. Any one has similar experience of delayed delivery of GC for any reason ?
  9. To move your case from one embassy to another, you will have to prove that your husband has legal status in Canada. Once you have enough documentation (which may include: Canadian visa, Driving license, Bank details, etc.) then you will have to write an application to NVC, using this form: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html?wcmmode=disabled Once processed, NVC will notify the new case number through email. P.S: Don't wait for NVC reply and keep uploading your document to CEAC as everything will remain the same, only new case number will be generated.
  10. Our documents got approved today after 38 days. I hope you will also get the reply soon.
  11. Hi, I submitted all documents through CEAC portal 5 weeks ago but it is pending for review. I called NVC to inquire about the status and they told me that NVC reviews all submitted documents within 2-3 weeks max, the agent said that he will write a complaint and it may take further 6 weeks for the complaint to get resolved which mean wait of another 1.5 months .. Any one else faced similar issue as it is getting really frustrating as we are stuck at NVC since forever.
  12. Today CEAC status changed to "Issued".. Alhamdulillah I think embassy was backlogged as my case status was stuck at Ready since my interview, it briefly changed to AP(during weekend) and then to issued Thanks for all the help guys!!!
  13. So, I wrote to the embassy and explained them my situation. I asked them that how can i request my passport back for travelling. I got a very brief reply from embassy that "Your case should be ready by early next week. Thank you for your patience" My CEAC is still showing Ready for interview and last updated is today ( because of my mail ) Should I expect a good news in next week as they didn't mention administrative processing or any other delay over the mail?
  14. Thank you all for the help. I have decided not add my brother for now but i will send the updated i864 @interview if situation will change.
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