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  1. [Note to Admin: Wasn't sure where to post this: in here or in the Finding Work section.] After a year of being the US and trying out various gigs, I wrote about my realizations about being a Filipino struggling to find work in the US. You can read it here: The Harsh Realities I've Realized from Being a Working Filipino in America I posted this on reddit and Filipinos/ American called me whiny because I'm so fortunate on being where I am yet it sounded like I'm complaining. I know I'm not alone in feeling whatever I wrote in my post because I'm part of Filipina immigrants' Facebook groups and they also voice out the same struggles there. Just wanted to let this out for some relief and for another Filipino who may read this and have the same situation to know that they're not alone.
  2. How much did you spend on your K1 visa? I know the SLEC fee has increased since October 2017. Our total was $1,323.04 / Php63,739.70. Asking this so other FIl-Am couples can find a resource where they can find actual ranges - prices because when I was looking for this back in late 2016 - early 2017, I couldn't find any. This could potentially help them in budgeting.
  3. fromphtousa.com

    H0TELS in Manila

    I knew that the US Embassy was along Roxas Boulevard and most hotels I see in that area were very expensive, so I thought: "Sure. I'll walk 5 minutes further instead of just crossing the street if it will save Php5,000." I stayed at Tambayan Capsule Hostel for my interview but here are 16 hotels including their cheapest rates for a 1-night stay for 2 people that could fit your budget which I found. Hope this helps you prepare for that big day http://www.fromphtousa.com/2018/01/cheapesthotelswalkingdistancetousembassymetromanila.html
  4. fromphtousa.com

    What was your job in the Philippines before moving to the US?

    Wow, that's great. One of my good friends from college still does that at Coca-Cola.
  5. fromphtousa.com

    Immigrant Visa Processing Time

    Wrote about this here . You can check out my actual timeline.
  6. fromphtousa.com

    What was your job in the Philippines before moving to the US?

    Yes. Facebook is so big in the Philippines because it's one of the few websites / apps that telco companies offers free data on.
  7. fromphtousa.com

    What was your job in the Philippines before moving to the US?

    How noble of her. Sounds like she's an influencer back home.
  8. fromphtousa.com

    Hello from a Filipina in Detroit!

    Nice tips. I'd look into getting The Filipino Channel (TFC), then.
  9. fromphtousa.com

    Hello from a Filipina in Detroit!

    I haven't met any Filipinas in the Asian store but I've found a few Filipino stores near us. There aren't a lot of Filipinos in Detroit but I hope to find more of them in the nearby cities.
  10. Hi, everyone. I recently moved to Detroit with my husband last August 2017 and Visajourney has been a great resource for me throughout the K1 visa process. We sent my AOS paperwork to the NVC and I hope I get approved sooner than later. I thought that moving to the US would be easy since there are a lot of pop culture similarities with the Philippines and the USA. I was wrong. Up until now, I am still experiencing culture shock. Hope to meet more people through this forum. Cheers!
  11. fromphtousa.com

    New members - Philippines CR1 to USA

    Welcome! She's lucky to have the warm weather in Florida just like in the Philippines. It's so cold in Detroit right now.
  12. fromphtousa.com

    What was your job in the Philippines before moving to the US?

    Wow. That's very fortunate for you. My previous company only had a regional office in Southeast Asia and I've never worked for a company that had an office in the US. Yes, we have a lot of Filipino nurses here so good for her. Did she think of going into public service here like what she did in the Philippines?
  13. fromphtousa.com

    What was your job in the Philippines before moving to the US?

    Congratulations on your newborn! And I wish your wife the best of luck.
  14. fromphtousa.com

    What was your job in the Philippines before moving to the US?

    I wish the best of luck on your AOS application. What kind of jobs are you planning to apply to when you get your green card? Is she a housewife now or is she thinking of working again? That sounds so challenging. Good thing that you got to practice the same profession here and the traffic here isn't as bad.
  15. Hey there. I was doing digital marketing in the Philippines before I moved to the US last August 2017. Most of my relatives thought that I would not find a job aligned to my field because the competition is tough here. I'll find out if that's true once my AOS gets approved. I'm just curious. What was your career back in the Philippines? If you already have an EAD or a Green Card, are you still practicing the same profession or did you change your career path? --- Note to Admin: I'm not sure if this should be posted here or in the Job hunting forum since this question is just for Filipinos like myself. Please move this if it's inappropriate.