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  1. Oh, sorry. I meant to say that he’s 14 now and he’s not exempted from having his fingerprints taken anymore. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. My son was 13 years old when we filed for an i-485 and i-765. My two daughters and I received our biometrics appointment but my son didn’t. I thought it was normal because he’s a minor and he probably doesn’t require fingerprinting. However, I received a notice of approval for my son’s EAD case yesterday. I checked his online case status but it still says “Case was received.” I’m more than confused about this. Also, my two daughters and I already received our EAD while my son hasn’t. I only received a notice of approval for his case. He’s now 14 years old. He’s not a minor anymore so how will this work? He did not get his photo taken by the USCIS as well. I called USCIS today and they said that they see NO UPDATES in my son’s case. If they have no updates, WHY DID I RECEIVE A NOTICE OF APPROVAL? What about his green card? What’s going to happen if he never had his photo and fingerprints taken? I’m really worried about his case. Has anybody had the same experience?
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