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  1. We got appointment to April..
  2. Thanks for the advise!!! She is very smart, Im sure dont going to have any problems, also she is in Davao, and there have appointments early.. Thanks again
  3. Thanks.. We have almost everything, the CPO is not need it for the embassy, I going to be in Manila from May 10 to 25, I want to be with her at the interview.. If I can, if not, well have the medical done.. I'm crossing my fingers..
  4. That means that maybe is possible to have the interview in 8 weeks??
  5. I received the NOA2 this monday, I'm going to be in Manila by may 13 for almost 2 weeks, Do any one of you know if I have any chance to setup an interview for those dates and have everything ready? almost 8 weeks from today...
  6. I made a k1 for someone else and before submit The AOS, I found out she was with other person, only passed 5 days after the marriage, I went to court an ask for annulment and went to UScis office and the official cancel the affidavit and put a note... Now I'm asking for a new person, different country... After 3 years of relationship...
  7. Im in the process to prepare the affidavit of support. But I filled out one that I went to uscis office and cancelled because she got to the US but not last, and I got the annulment. In the application, do I had to say yes and give the info of her if a dont support he but I filled out an affidavit of support that was cancelled?
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