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  1. We went 2 days after she gets here. We received 4 weeks later, bcs now they are double checking all documents After we received the SS Card we went back with the original MArriage license, now we are waiting for the new car with the changes...
  2. You need the last income tax.. 2018.. If you are under the poverty level you going to have enough assets or have a co sponsor..
  3. Finally we received the txt messages today... After 3 weeks...
  4. We are a few people here with the same issues, no NOA1, no emails, nothing.. just wait. Call USCIS and tell them about it..
  5. Maybe she/he is sleeping over the papers. If he/she is in vacation or on leave, why they dont give all that cases to other person?
  6. Yes.. called 2 times USCIS and no record open in her name..
  7. Again, no Noa1, no email, no txt message, no check cleared, nothing, also I called USCIS 2 times and open and investigation and sent an email to lockboxhelp...
  8. Yes.. on the 3 application, also called and nothing in record..
  9. Mailed our AOS packet July 31st , received August 2nd , No update or bank charges happen yet, in the 3erd week, we are very worried... Someone in the same situation???
  10. Affidavit of support, photos of you together, copy of the air ticket, hotel reservations, if you sent her money copy of western union, or the service that you use. They dont ask my wife, my fiance in that moment, about any chat. Luck!!
  11. Exactly what we expect, between 7 to 10 days, but is not our case... Thanks and luck for you...
  12. Still waiting and nothin... no NOA1, no TXT, no email, no check charged...Im really worried!!!
  13. 2 week and no NOA or txt messages or Check cashed... I really worried!!!
  14. I'm crossing my fingers bcs I called today to Uscis and they dont find any records of the applications...
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