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  1. So basically I can get any job now regardless of how low or high the income is going to be (even below 125% poverty guide line), or I can even stay unemployed for the next years, technically speaking, and still apply for RoC no problem as long as this marriage is bona-fide?
  2. So, do you mean, I can now do whatever I want when it comes to jobs? Like let's say, I quit my current job, and stay unemployed for one year, and I then get a job at Walmart, making way below 125% of poverty guide line. Assume that my US spouse also won't be making more than 125% of it. Is it NOT going to affect our case to remove the condition 2 years from now? (Provided that we don't rely on any governmental aid, such as food stamp etc).
  3. How long does the intending immigrant have to keep working for the same company if he or she used his or her own income for AOS based on marriage with the US spouse? I was an F-1 student and was working under STEM OPT with an income that was over 125% of poverty guide line. On the other hand, my American spouse hasn't made enough income by himself. In order to do AOS, we used my income from STEM OPT for I-864 purposes and we got approved. I got my (conditional) green card recently. I have been working for the same company for almost 2 years. Now my question is, how long do I have to keep working for this company? Can I just quit anytime and change my job? Does the unemployment period affect my conditional green card? I ask because I-864 says "If the intending immigrant is your spouse, his or her income can be counted regardless of current residence, but it must continue from the same source after he or she becomes a lawful permanent resident;" I am very confused. My current source of income is the company I currently work for. Then, does this mean I cannot quit??? Can anyone clarify this, please? How long does the income have to come from this company I work at?
  4. Thank you!! You guys really helped me a lot and helped me go through this stress! Surprisingly, he had soooo many good reviews on multiple websites, and that is why I decided to go with them. However, the service I got wasn't really ideal, judging from everyone's comments on here. I will do mention what the I-130 says under the required documents, and ask why he recommended I bring them to the interview. And Thank you for the I-751 guide!
  5. Yeah, I really believe that's exactly what my lawyer did to us. Sure it was nice that I didn't have to do much because my lawyer did most of the paperwork, but still, they really put us through a harder interview that we didn't deserve. I am planning to meet my lawyer in a few days, and thinking about asking why he did this to us. Yeah at least we didn't get any NOID nor RFE. We only got courteous letter saying we haven't submitted our I-693, which my lawyer also told me to bring to the interview, instead of submitting with the application form. And today my status got updated from "We approved your case" to "Card was mailed to me"! I survived this!
  6. No. My lawyer insisted that we should send only marriage certificate as proof of our relationship. So we brought the rest of proofs like insurance, photos, bills together etc at the interview. I don't understand why my lawyer did that, because this seems way harder. and I have lost faith in my lawyer and I am feeling stupid for spending money on him.
  7. Thanks all for keeping telling me it'll be fine. I feel so much better now. Btw, out of the 30+ questions asked, I got 5-6 different answers from my spouse, but I guess it was okay?
  8. Just wanted to keep you all updated on what happened to my case! Today, my USCIS case status changed from Interview scheduled to Case was approved. we approved your Form I-485! Does this mean my GC will be getting issued soon? I have seen posts where people said their status was "GC is getting issued" or something. But mine is different from that. Is there any difference between these two statuses?
  9. Apparently it seems to be a big mistake that we didn't send the bona fide proofs with the application.. My interview was 2 days ago and my online status still hasn't been updated...
  10. Yeah he said the regular lawyer fee to prepare the AOS documents was $1000 and then if I want to take him to the interview that's an extra charge of $250.
  11. Actually the same. I browsed around to find an affordable lawyer. And most I could find quoted me $3000+, which I thought was stupid. Then I found one for $1000, so I decided to go with him. And his law office had many good reviews on Google and Facebook, with lots of comments, so I had no doubt about him. But then this all happened.
  12. No. My lawyer said it is an extra fee to take him to the interview, but since (1)I am not from a red-flag country, (2)I have no immigration violation in the past, (3)I have no criminal/arrest history, and (4)We have a lot of proof for bona fide marriage, he said I should be alright without him, and he said it is not worth a few hundred dollars.
  13. And my lawyer insisted I should bring the bona fide proof at the interview... Sigh
  14. If sending marriage-evidence documents at the time of application is NOT required, then I don't know why I had to go through this. If it was required, and I didn't send them with the application, that would have made more sense. Other that what I mentioned earlier, I can think of another possible reasons that I had to go through this separate, long interview, and I want you all's opinion. My frequent visit to the US in the past might have affected my case? In 2012 summer, I came to the US on J-1 visa for a year. I studied abroad in the US, while I was a student back in my home country's university. I did not get the 2-year rule. Then, after I left in 2013 summer due to the completion of my J-1 program, I came back to the US a month later and stayed on ESTA for about 2 months at my friend's house. I did this because I started wanting to study more in the US after the J-1 program, and I wanted to find out which school would be good for me. I visited multiple universities and colleges in person, to make a decision on which school I should apply to for my 2nd bachelor's degree. But, I guess the reason doesn't really matter, in the eye of immigration. Then, I graduated from my home country's university about 6 months after I left the US after the 2 months stay. Then I came back to the US again at the beginning of 2014 to start my 2nd degree's program. Then I graduated with the second Bachelor's degree, and then I have been working on OPT and STEM OPT. The overall flow is like this. 2012 summer - 2013 summer: 1-year stay on J-1 2013 summer (one month after leaving the US on J-1): 2-month stay on ESTA 2014 beginning: got accepted by a school and came back on F-1 2016 fall: graduated and started looking for a job for OPT 2017: started working on OPT 2018 spring: started working on STEM OPT, during which I applied for AOS with my spouse While I was a student between 2014-2016, I visited my home country multiple times, and other than that I-20's signature being expired, the immigration officer easily let me in when I showed my visa and I-20s, so I never thought about this until now. Do you think this continuous stay in the US might have been the cause? This is not a violation, but I am now thinking this is a "RED FLAG"
  15. Okay, first let me tell you guys that I worry a lot, and this is my nature. If you just visit my profile, you will understand that I worry about everything, simply because I ask so many small questions on here. I don't want to miss any single thing, and it also comes from my OCD. Even though I REALLY do not have any immigration issue in the past (except that I got sent to secondary inspection at an airport when I was on F-1 because the signature on my I-20 had expired. I immediately sent in the required document and I got a newly approved I-20), no criminal or divorce history whatsoever, I did not want to make a mistake on AOS packet. My OCD is worse when it comes to an official document that can affect my immigration and life. Therefore, I wanted a "safer" way to prepare all the AOS documents, and so I hired a lawyer. And I believe there is nothing wrong with hiring an immigration lawyer even if you have no problems in the past, and a lot of my friends did the same. (They had no criminal history, divorce record, or immigration violation, and they still hired a lawyer JUST IN CASE).