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  1. Like most nivs, k1s hv been suspended only mission critical visas like spousal and kids are priority.. its frustrating just emailed them to be sure.. But I read that too will see what happens hoping it's not the case though.
  2. Where did u read that?? Its open only for us citizens but closed for both niv and iv services unless special cases. Coz my case was ready for interview, if they are not doing k1s I would like to get niv.
  3. Just looking for people waiting on the barbados embassy reopening. I sent in a document saying i have collected all my documents and now waiting on the embassy to reply.
  4. thank you so much... iam zambia but currently in saint lucia for school so using the barbados embassy... Do you know how long it takes for embassies to transfer documents to another embassies in case of residence changes?? Am thinking of going to my home country coz not sure when the embassies will open and since am almost done with school i might as well go to my home country..
  5. So after i got the packet3 through email, i collected the necessary documents and sent the form back signed as requested. i have completed my ds160 as requested. i have not received an email from the embassy am guessing it’s cause of the closures. what else should i do while am waiting??am i missing something???? Thank you
  6. Well.... am a little confused on what to do next please help. CEAC site says "Ready" have not received letter yet. Will i get an email or just a letter through the box?? Is there an estimate on when the interview would be coz am still trying to collect the necessary documents.
  7. I know am knew to this so was making sure better asking than get there with missinv documents.. thank yoi for your help
  8. Oh i spent 4yrs in the us doing my undergrade before coming to the Caribbean for medical school. So since i spent more than 6months in the usa i was wondering how i can get a police certificate from there or maybe i dont have to since am sure by now they will run a background check on me.
  9. hello how do i get a usa police certificate???
  10. A lawyer is just to help put the documents together consultations and stuff
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