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  1. I mean do u get a paper or something after. She kept all my proof of relationship stuff and made copies of other things. And she said I have to confirm that ur medical is valid and will let u know
  2. After interview all she said was she has to check on the validity of my Medical. No former decision was made.
  3. Had my interview today everything good but I did admit to working with no ead and apparently my medical might be expired..is this grounds for denial????? Spouse is usc
  4. Carol000


    Well Barbados processing is dependent on local COVID cases, it normally does not take long but COVID slowed things down could take weeks to months they processed things faster at level 3. Level 4 is emergency visas and f1s only. They claim they have no control when cases is at Nvc stage
  5. What was weird is that interview was scheduled days after ead expedite request
  6. So had NOA1 03/26, biometrics oct 8. Oct 11 requested EAD expedited, oct 13 EAD expedite under review then oct 19 interview scheduled for November 18. Has anyone experienced this before? Maybe am just anxious I guess just seems weird
  7. Considering everything going on how long is it taking to receive biometric appointment?? Filed in feb 2021. Is it with all service centers? Mine is Dallas
  8. Hello... what does "fingerprint fee was received" mean?? What's next??
  9. was thinking of just removing money from my account and making a money order
  10. okaay, i submitted a k1aos packet to the wrong address a month ago. can i put together another packet and submitted to the correct address?? this is in hopes that the old packet will be rejected and sent back to me after we cancel the chek.
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