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  1. I-864 is for the spousal visa as well as AOS once you get married. Only thing you need original from the petitioner is divorce decree, copies of birth certificate and passport bio page are fine.
  2. My fiancé was given a 221g today, but the officer said that once he submits his passport (he is an asylum claimant so the Canadian government has his passport) he’s APPROVED!!! It’s been quite the ride and I wish everyone luck and patience!
  3. I concur. Get that packet 3 ready, so as soon as you get the second ‘ready’ you can email it. Exciting times!
  4. I had my fiancé get everything ready for packet 3 once I saw it was at the consulate. So once I saw that our case had updated twice (or what they call the second ‘ready’) he immediately sent it in. I just googled Montreal Consulate Packet 3 and the pdf came right up. He never received the packet in the mail, so I would go ahead and get DS-160 filled out and send in packet 3 ASAP
  5. My fiancé just scheduled his interview for Jan 29! There were still times available on the 15 and 22. Must be a slow time. Now to get the last round of paperwork finished!
  6. Called the Non Immigrant NVC line tonight (waited less than 10 min), Case received 11/14, received our number, but still under administrative processing. So excited that it’s moving on!
  7. I’m going to call the NVC next week for the number hopefully. Federal holidays probably slow the process down a bit.
  8. Hello all, I’m just following the trend here with making a page for all of us K-1’ers in the Oct/Nov NOA2 range. The other groups really seemed to help each other out especially with interview dates opening. Wishing everyone a stress-free (haha) wait through NVC to Embassy and beyond!
  9. @Greenbaum perhaps I’m being a dunce, but when I get to that page it is an ‘Ask NVC’ and you’re supposed to submit questions to NVC. So that is where my confusion is.
  10. Just received my NOA2! So I have read the PDF, but the link to update the email with NVC is not working for me. Any insights or different links? Thank you!
  11. NOA1 06/17/2019 RFE 09/25/2019 😩 Have to wait for the letter to see what evidence we need to send in. I found out through the USCIS account page; checked this morning nothing, checked at midnight and there it was. Sooo on to the next step
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