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  1. I’m happy with my husband and kids approval. My interview was for 9:00 am but I get there at 9:16 and inside at 9:30. In the first window they ask me for the passports and affidavits because my scanned affidavits wasn’t very clear. Then they told me to sit and wait for my number. I was called to the window 22 at 12:05-12:25. 20 minutes of questions. The guy just ask my steps one question, 5 questions to my husband and a bunch of questions for me. Questions were for me: where you guys meet? when you meet? do you guys stay together? how many times you came after you start the relation? are you a citizen? do you born in USA? how do you got your citizenship? which year you left the countrie for 1st time? who petitioned you back in that year? who is the person in your affidavit? When you get married? Tell me how it look the place where you guys stay together? you guys have kids together? will you pretend to have a babies? who is him?(pointing at my 5 years old boy that was present with us) where is his father? where his father lives? did the baby live with you or with his father? why you divorce and married a month later? which year you physically left you baby’s father? when the divorce was final? tell me about the story of your fake divorce? why you think that guy give you a fake divorce? when was the marriage again? it was the marriage in september? (Marriage was in May) you still live in Brooklyn? For steps: did you know her as you stepmother? do you live with her when she is here? where you guys live then? did she hangout with you guys? For hubby? how old are you? when was your marriage? You were married before? who is (name of hubby’s previous girlfriend)? When do you end up with your ex? To me again? Do you know his ex? Yes, Explain that to me! You know her in person? I said no but I know her. so far that was all the questions I remember office ask me! At the end he says that our visa was approved but for stepson not yet because they didn’t receive his medicals yet! We left so happy. Very exhaustive interview but we did it.
  2. I think you can try! With trying you don’t loose anything. The reason I change my passport was because was already full and I have to changed anyway, then I decide to change my name too
  3. Are you the petitioner or beneficiary? I’m the petitioner of my husband I filled with my single name but a month after I receive my new usa 🇺🇸 passport (I apply for a new one with a name change at the same time I send my petition) when I receive my new passport I just send them a copy of my Noa1 or I-797 with a copy of my biographic page of new passport and a short letter asking them to please update my name! A week after they received it I got a notification telling me that they update my name. I got a uscis account with notifications turned on, that is why I got the text message.
  4. Congratulations 🎊🎈🍾🎉 my dear I’m very happy for woke up and see your good news, I will hope that mine come soon! I got 61 days today
  5. I guess you have to wait more than some of us. @jeanita68 cc is May 3 and she is waiting. 2 of my cc was in May 17 and I’m still waiting and I know few more of May that still waiting too.
  6. I call the embassy in the beginning of last week but they said they have nothing to do. They said NVC is the one that have to give us a date and they can not give me more information. Call NVC they said and follow up with them. And when I call nvc they said there is not time frame of when I will get interview
  7. CR-1 and CR-2 waiting for interview in Dr. CC date may 17. No news about interview since my cases were complete at nvc
  8. Are you telling me!?!? I’m already depressed and extra sad 😢🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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