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  1. Has anyone gotten their EAD card yet? My husbands priority date is 7/10/18 and he got his biometrics done 7/27/18 and nothing. We called and they said it could take up to six months but it seems like everyone’s getting theres in only three. His 485 priority date is at the beginning of April 2018, I’m starting to think he’ll have his interview before his EAD.
  2. Notice was returned to USCIS because the Post Office could not deliver it.
  3. I've already received the new notice, my question was when do they update my case status online to reflect that.
  4. So, my husbands NOA1 was returned to USCIS by the Post Office because his name wasn't on the mailbox. They reissued us one and we've finally received it. So, my question is how long will it take before they update the case status on their website? Should I call them to tell them we've received it or will they know when, say two weeks has passed and it hasn't be returned to them again? It says it can have a serious impact on your case status and the case has already been delayed at least a month because of something silly like this; I'd hate for it to be delayed any longer. Thank you.
  5. So happy update, turns out the post office wouldn’t deliver it so it got sent back. So we have to wait for them to reissue us a new one.
  6. I tried but there’s none available in my area.
  7. It wouldn’t cost anything but the plane ticket because we wouldn’t be coming back but it’s just the frustration talking. I’ve filed a case with the USCIS Ombudsmen they’ve already reached out to USCIS and are waiting to hear back from them.
  8. We talked to one immigration officer and he said he had no record of my husband in the system and kept rudely asking for an alien registration number which he doesn’t have. He than told us to email LockBox Support, that was like two weeks ago and they haven’t responded yet, I’m sure they’ll just pass the buck to someone else. It’s just so frustrating to see people who sent their package after us already complete their biometrics and we don’t even know the location of our papers. By the average time line he should’ve been getting his EAD card next month but now we’ll be lucky if he gets anything this year.
  9. It was a typo
  10. Update: it’s been two months and still no NOA1 They probably lost the packet, but funny enough they didn’t lose the check for $1,250. He’s probably going back to Brazil since we can’t afford to pay another $1,250 for them to lose it again.
  11. I would just go down to your local county clerk office and try to get a marriage license. If it just recently expired, maybe they’ll accept it if you get someone nice. Maybe bring his birth certificate and a translated birth certificate. Does he have a valid drivers license from his country?
  12. We sent the right fees I checked like 100 times. We only recieved a receipt number for the EAD paperwork unless they are all tied into one, we haven’t sent the corrected forms back we can’t until we receive the NOA1 for the i485 to prove we have one in process so we don’t have to pay $410. I think that’s what he’s so depressed about, because the most important document isn’t being processed right now.
  13. Does he have friends or family in his home country? Can they maybe renew his passport through the mail and send it to him?
  14. Hi, We sent my husband’s AOS packet April, 6th. About two weeks ago we recieved a rejection letter for his work permit application because he didn’t sign it (signed in the wrong spot), and an incorrect fee. We called USCIS about the fee since there’s not supposed to be one if you file with the i485 (they cashed the check for those required fees). They told us to sign the document and resend it with a copy of the i485 NOA1, when we told them we haven’t recieved it yet they told us to call back at a less popular time to have our case elevated to an Immigration Agent. So we recalled and they directed us to an Immigation Agent, but because of the high call volume an automated machine took our number and said someone would call us and no one ever did. My husband is getting really depressed, he can’t work and the strain has been really difficult. I don’t understand what’s happening. Why have we gotten the rejection notice for the work permit but nothing on the i485? I feel like we’re in limbo.
  15. Hey all, So we sent out our i485 and all the supporting forms and documents on April 6th and we haven’t recieved any receipt notice, the check hasn’t even been cashed. When we filed the i130 they cashed the check immediately. Is this normal? I read it takes about two weeks, I’m worried something happened. The tracking says it arrived at the Chicago Lockbox. Thanks.