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  1. My interview was oct 21 and approved on oct 27. What time is your oath?
  2. Finally got the date. Oath ceremony scheduled for December 16th.
  3. My interview was on oct 21, still waiting for oath date. Some of relatives who had interview on Nov 15th already got the Oath date. My greencard is expired and they won't send me a new one because "I am in line for oath". My driver's license is expired. I called multiple times not fruitful at all
  4. Congratulations AKKH. @suvusa same here. I had interview on October 21st. Approved, in line for oat on oct 27th. And no updates about oath date yet. .
  5. We are in exact same boat!! My extension letter will also expire in 2 days. But I think, I saw a post somewhere ( not exactly sure where) it said they do renew drivers license based on i797 notice. I was thinking to put request for i551 stamp too, thank you for saving my efforts
  6. Any further updates on oath ceremonies scheduling? One of my friends had interview yesterday and IO mentioned to them that they will get notice within 21 days. It's been 21 days for me since the interview and nothing yet.
  7. What was your approval date. I am waiting for my oath ceremony too. Interview on 10/21 approved on 10/27.
  8. I think then quality check is already done. I called USCIS and they informed that the request to be scheduled has already been placed for the case. It's matter of availability at court house.
  9. So what does your status say now? Mine said quality check and then updated to oath ceremony will be scheduled on the same day. Just like five minute difference. Also, what field office you have your case at?
  10. Thank you! I got an update for n400 status today which says oath ceremony will be scheduled. No updates on i751 yet.
  11. I agree. It makes sense. I will do the same if no status updates until Friday. Thank you!
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