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  1. Hello G.G I have a question regarding the oath ceremony. Was the family allowed to be present during the proceedings? If not, are they allowed to visit together for photo oppotunities? Thank you in advance. I am scheduled for Nov 19 at the same place as yours.
  2. Congratulations.. Was the family allowed to join for photo opportunity inside the room after the ceremony?
  3. The oath ceremony scheduled notice is displayed in USCIS account 4 weeks after "Oath ceremony will be scheduled" notice for October interviews in Chicago (Disclaimer: I have observed this in 4 cases). The oath ceremony is 2 weeks after the notice appeared.
  4. 4 weeks before notice of oath. Interview - Oct 7, Notice - Nov 4
  5. Interview on Oct 7 and approved on the same day. Oath scheduled for Nov 19. Question for recent oath takers at the federal court in Chicago, can the family acccompay to the ceremony?
  6. I had my interview on Oct 12 (5 year rule, Chicago FO). I entered the building 30 minutes before the appointed time and the security screening and checking in with the representative for interview took about 10 minutes. I was instructed to wait for the door number 2. An officer came out and called me in 15 minutes so the interview happened right on schedule. The process started with taking photo and finger prints, providing the appointment letter, GC, ID and passport following by the civics test. Here are the 6 questions. 1. What are two Cabinet-level positions? 2. Who vetoes bills? 3. What happened at the Constitutional Convention? 4. If both the President and the Vice President can no longer serve, who becomes President? 5. If the President can no longer serve, who becomes President? 6. What are the two major political parties in the United States? It was followed by reading test where the sentence to read was "Who can vote?" and the writing test was the answer to the question, "Citizens can vote". All in all, pretty straight forward. I was then informed that I have passed the tests and will not be asked questions regarding N-400 application and asked to stand up and asked to swear to provide only the true answers. Then the officer went though all the questions and I updated a few points in the application like change of address. Once we have gone through all the updates and have answered all the "Have you ever" questions under part 12, I was asked to read and sign to acknowledge all the changes. Then I was asked to read and sign to ackwowledge that I do understand the oath of allegiance and willing to take the oath. I was then provided information that I have passed the 3 tests and would be recommended for approval and was given a form with such information for evidence. The whole process took about 15 minutes from start to end. The status in myUSCIS account change from "Interview was scheduled" to "Oath ceremony will be scheduled" before I left the building (around 15 minutes after the interview concluded). There was no request for documents during the interview (I printed a ton of them!!! Well, better safe than sorry.. :) In summary, it was a very pleasant experience.
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