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    IR-1/CR-1 Visa (DCF)
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    Im married from 3 years .
    Here is my story :
    We applied for the first time on may 2016 ( i130) ,we got the interview in january 2017 , they gave me a refusal letter and then the case was return back to uscis for revocation .After 15 months of waiting i got the denial .
    So i reapplied again in july 2018 and now i am waiting .... :)

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  1. Hello ,

    Any updates? Did you get your interview letter?

    1. donyaf24


      Hey Reem,

      Unfortunately we are still waiting for my husbands interview letter.   

  2. Hi guys , kifkon? did anyone got an interview letter?
  3. Hi , my Case was completed on 8 july , same type of visa and im still waiting the IL
  4. They say that they will interview send a letter within 30 and 90 days after CC
  5. No , my husband is from usa they accepted the w2 as a proof of domicile
  6. I know , it is weird but they want me to submit a proof
  7. Yes , thank you , but i mean that IRS should be enough as a proof
  8. Hi, what are the documents that can be use as a proof of domicile for a joint sponsor who lives is usa??
  9. I went through it , it s not my first application to i130 .. so dont believe everything they say , you still have one month , the nvc process take btw 1.5 month to 3 months.
  10. No dont worry , they will not deny in NVC process. If something is wrong , they would deny you in USCIS process not in NVC. Its taking 3 months to NVC to send the number so you will hear something from them soon .
  11. Try to be patient , my pd is 23 july and im still waiting approval from USCIS and many of JULY FILERS are still waiting .. you are very lucky you finished the hardest step .. you will hear soon from NVC do not worry 😊
  12. 1) press search 2) you can choose from 100 to 500 case numbers before your case number or after your case number and then press search and finally choose i130
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