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  1. And that’s what I’ve learned here. Which is what the purpose of this whole post was. This is seriously all the information I was looking for. People have gotten ultra defensive because I’ve asked them to clarify their answers. I haven’t argued with any of the information given to me here. This is ridiculous.
  2. I was getting specific but not pushing back at all. Completely accepted all information.
  3. Okay, that’s what I was looking for. Thanks. Do you happen to know where I can read more about this? How did you know that entering on a K1 means my usual benefits as a Canadian citizen are not in place? I only ask because I searched for a long time and couldn’t find anything on the subject, hence why I posted here..
  4. Yes I know that a K1 is 90 days. I’m asking about being a Canadian on a K1. So are you saying it doesn’t matter that I’m a Canadian and can normally be in the states legally for more than 90 days? That’s my specific question here.
  5. Not trying to have anything both ways just trying to ascertain how it all works. Entering on a K1 with a Canadian passport. It’s not cut and dry to me. So your assertion is the expiry on the K1 is when I started accruing unlawful presence? Do you know for certain?
  6. Okay, so just to expand on that, do you mean to say that entering on a K1 visa might have altered my usual maximum allowable stay?
  7. I filed my AOS a little late (literally one day under 180 days). So normally that would be an overstay. But what I’m curious about is this: as a Canadian, I have always been allowed to stay in the US for up to eight months (a lot of Canadians are nicknamed “snowbirds” because they have homes or timeshares in the southern US and just ensure they come back up for a few months for tax/overstay reasons). So my I-94 expired on September 9th, but would it actually be accruing unlawful presence being that I am still a Canadian? Does my Canadian benefit of being able to stay up to eight months in the US change because I entered on a K1?
  8. I know you’re right. There is a blurb on the approval notice about unlawful presence. It freaks me out a little although I know it shouldn’t. Over thinker. But that’s why I’m calculating my unlawful presence. If it was under 180 days I won’t think twice about it.
  9. Thank you all. The I94 is what I should have referred to in my original post. Not the K1 visa. So to understand correctly, sep 10th was my first day accruing unlawful presence up until when USCIS received my case on March 8th? So I was technically at 179 days unlawful presence, not 180?
  10. I have no idea where to post this- sorry. When exactly are you out of status? The day your visa expires or the day after? My k1 expiry date is sep 9th and my received date at uscis (filed 485, AP and EAD) is March 8th. That’s exactly 180 days. I know about matter of arrabelly and don’t anticipate a problem travelling on AP. I’m just curious about calculating my unlawful presence.
  11. Family based visas were created to reunite family members.
  12. I’m still in contact with my former employer and she would have told me if she’d been contacted. Other than that I don’t know how they would have verified anything, as I didn’t provide them with my taxes. Who knows.
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