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  1. AbenaKofi

    K-1 discussion For my Ghana Friends. 😊

    Hi! I wouldn't worry. You can email them, but don't expect to get a detailed response (or any response). The consulate in Ghana did not reach out to us until they were ready for us to interview. We got notification that NVC was forwarding our case to Ghana on April 3, and we didn't hear from the US Embassy in Ghana until June 11. This is the stage where the experiences really seem to vary by country, and unfortunately the Ghana embassy isn't too clear on the process. Have you checked your case status on NVC? Does it say "READY?" Once it said ready, we decided to complete our DS-160, pay the visa fee, and go online to try to schedule interview dates. We did this before we got the Packet 3 (a generic letter from the embassy saying they are ready to interview you). Thankfully we got the Packet 3 on June 11, and the interview was on June 26. We took a risk in the interest of time. If you don't get that communication from the embassy before you go in for your interview, you run the risk of being turned away and having to reschedule. It's at your discretion. Feel free to PM me if you have questions or if you'd like to join our Ghana K1 WhatsApp - we have 14 members in various stages from NOA2 to married (us). Hope that helps, Abena
  2. AbenaKofi

    K-1 discussion For my Ghana Friends. 😊

    Happy to share it here as it’s quite generic. Yes, the Ghana embassy is a bit unorganized and unpredictable; feel free to send folks my way if you things we can help. Instructions- K1 Application.pdf
  3. AbenaKofi

    K-1 discussion For my Ghana Friends. 😊

    Thank you! How's the hunt for dates going? We had success toward the end of the month so I hope the same for you. The interview was one of the easiest parts, to be honest. 1) you canNOT bring in a phone. If you have nobody to hold it for you, there's a guard there to hold it for like 20ghana, but my fiance found a woman selling food who was holding them for 10ghana. 2) Anything they ask, you'll already know if you have a bonafide relationship. My fiance was asked how we met, what brought me to Ghana, what I did for work, and whether we had kids (and when he said we didn't have kids, the CO asked about a photo that we submitted which included his niece and nephew). Assume they will read the chats and go through the pictures, so be careful what you send. 3) We know a few couples who got denied for being "too married." Avoid sending chat records that include you referring to one another as husband/wife. Don't include pictures or mention of any engagement activities or big family parties that could be interpreted as Ghanaian traditional engagements, because that's interpreted as marriage. It's tricky because the US/Ghana perception of engagement is so different, so be careful. 4) It seems like they've got their minds made up by the time you get into the seat for interview. As long as everything is correctly filled out and your case is relatively straightforward, I wouldn't worry. Even if there's something that needs a little explanation, better that you identify it first or risk being denied for misrepresentation. We have a whatsapp group going - PM me if interested!
  4. AbenaKofi

    K-1 discussion For my Ghana Friends. 😊

    Hi Pinky, Did you receive notification (email or letter) from NVC that they sent your case on to Ghana? We received that letter on 3 April (NOA 2 was March 14) and then we didn’t get Packet 3 from Ghana embassy until about June 11. We did the DS-160 in early April so we could start looking for interview times. It took us a month of checking online to find a date, June 26. Ghana takes long and the process isn’t always clear; I wish you patience and perseverance! Happy to share our experience if you have questions.
  5. AbenaKofi

    Packet 3 from Ghana Embassy

    Hi Amma, We went ahead and scheduled. However, if you get to the embassy for your appointment and you have still not received the instructions, you may be turned away. That is the risk you would take. Our case was sent to the Embassy on 3 April, and we received Packet 3 on 11 June. There is no set timeline for the receipt of Packet 3, however. Sorry that this is such a hassle of a process. I wish you patience and endurance! Please reach out if you have any other questions. Abena
  6. Aww thank you! Yes, so thankful that the interview went smoothly. We took a risk by scheduling on our own - it worked out for us but another couple got turned away, even after allowing a similar amount of time to pass between NOA2 and the interview (a little over 3 months). However, since they did schedule, the embassy told them they would see about expediting the case for them, so things may end up moving quickly for them anyway. The embassy wants you to wait, but the process has been very inconsistent. We decided that it was worth the risk to just go and schedule, because you may see that some couples are having a hard time finding appointment availability. If you do your DS160 and pay the fee, then at least you can go online and start looking at dates. Then when you schedule, you can get the medical done, etc. In my opinion, the only thing you stand to lose is the visa fee ($265) which they may make you pay again. So I stand by our choice to schedule and just hope to get the packet 3 in time. I hope that helps!
  7. AbenaKofi

    RFE - Proof of Relationship.

    Agree - better not to add them since traditional engagements have been viewed as formal weddings. A US/GH couple recently got their K1 refused for this and had to go to CR1 and wait even longer. We are not even including our professional couples photos that we got taken on a holiday just because we're wearing matching outfits and we don't want the embassy to get the wrong idea. Any other casual photos you have should be fine with the requested info - dates, locations, names of people in the pic.
  8. AbenaKofi


    I'm a different country but working on the same thing - I have already purchased my own ticket (I have work so I can't stay in Ghana that long). If he gets visa in hand in time, we will buy his ticket then, and just beg the airline to put us together :). My fare is flexible so I could make some changes to my own reservation, but we'll see how it goes.
  9. AbenaKofi

    K-1 Ghana Approved!

    Wow! All in all I’m glad you got it sorted out, but sorry to hear of the delay. Thank you for that information, we will definitely check. It’s not easy since Kofi lives in Kumasi but we will find a way to keep checking. You are almost there! Yes thank God we received the packet 3, so just getting ready for the interview now. I’m hoping to time a trip to Ghana so that we can come back to the US together, but the approval is the most important thing right now. Thanks again for for your continued feedback and safe travels to Jeff 😊
  10. AbenaKofi

    How do we track & pick up approved Bisa

    Hello and congratulations! We haven’t gotten to that step yet but have you been able to track it now? Hopefully you’ve already got visa in hand!
  11. Happy Monday all! Popping in to report that we got our Packet 3, finally! Medical/police cert are done and now it's full steam ahead to the interview in 2 weeks! I'm sending a fresh i134, letter of intent, and bank statements since the last set was current as of 3/1. I heard that the time from approval to visa in hand seemed to be lagging at Ghana - looks like 2 weeks to a month, but we can't worry about that yet. Hoping for progress for everyone, and I can't wait to report back with some happy news!
  12. AbenaKofi

    K-1 Ghana Approved!

    Hi Wallace, I hope all is well! I wanted to ask how things were going for you guys. How long did it take for Jeff to get the visa, after approval? Has he entered the US yet? Best wishes, Abena
  13. AbenaKofi


    Yes, every day gets us closer, and we try to keep our eyes on the prize. At this time, the US embassy in Ghana is experiencing delays, and they now request that couples wait to hear from them before attempting to complete the DS-160 application and schedule an interview. We also heard that some couples never received any notification from the embassy, so we went ahead and completed our ds-160 so that we could schedule the interview and at least get the medical and police stuff done. Because we went ahead, we run the risk of being turned away from the embassy if they’re not ready for us by the time the appointment comes up. That will have been over 3 months from NOA2, so we’re just hoping they’re ready by then. Otherwise we’ll wait longer! Hope that helps!
  14. AbenaKofi


    Congrats! Now the fun begins haha...most of the posts here say that things move quickly after NOA2 but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Ghana. We have secured an interview in 3 weeks but still unsure if the embassy will be ready to review our case by then. Be patient and read up on the Ghana embassy - reach out to us couples ahead of you as well. I’d say don’t be discouraged by those from other countries moving a bit faster - it is what it is, and we will get there eventually!