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  1. hi, newbie here HELP. we just sent our AOS form + EWP and AP. we forgot to include his paystub coz it doesn't show on the requirement/guidelines. will that be ok? we submit his tax transcript and w2 for the last 3 years tho. 2015, 2016, 2017. forgot the Cert of Employment too. lol
  2. Hello, i just got here in the us and we are planning to get married soon. any idea what to do next?
  3. C.&A.

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    Woah.. i did mine last week! It’s free.. eventhough they’re aware that it’s for US immigration. They will just ask for your health card.. lol
  4. C.&A.

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    Got it! I'm so dumb.. hahaha i'm going to Dr. Lyndon. not Dr. Ian. hahahaha http://www.visadoctor.ca/en/us-medical and they only need 1??? but i'll bring extra tho.. just incase. lol
  5. C.&A.

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    oh wow! i didn't know i need 4 passport photos. lol just checked the site, it shows, 1 passport photo. hahaha Glad you told me that i need 4. Verbal Questions for almost $400 medical fee? i should encourage my kids (in the future) to be a Doctor then. lol Thank you so much for the infos
  6. C.&A.

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    would you mind if i ask, how much? he's my doctor too! since it's close to where i live. lol
  7. C.&A.

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    hi, how much did you guys pay for the Medical? will be doing mine this May3. lol
  8. C.&A.

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    What are the dates available? Anyone here doing the interview on May?
  9. C.&A.

    Contact info for Montreal embassy

    got my packet 3 exactly 2weeks from the nvc website shows "ready" then packet 4 in just a day.. you can email them but they always send automatic reply. you'll be fine i know someone who haven't received packet3 and it's been a week since the nvc site shows "ready" or you can proactively sent the packet 3 checklist and ds160 and passport copy. take the risk or wait
  10. C.&A.

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    Awww.. me too! Waiting for June to open. Have you heard about the “myth”? That montreal is only doing the interview during Wednesday? However, when i checked it, open dates are May 18 & 22. Friday & Tuesday.. lol
  11. C.&A.

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    Congrats! When’s your interview date?
  12. C.&A.

    Scheduling montreal interview

    got it. i did it twice coz the first attempt won't allow me to go on that page. lol anyways, thank you for your help wanna consider sending the packet 3 to the embassy but afraid they might send it back or say we should wait. haha it's been more than a week since its "ready"
  13. C.&A.

    Scheduling montreal interview

    really? hahah been trying since this morning.. where can i find the confirmation receipt btw? i answered everything, only missing was the uploaded photo. lol
  14. C.&A.

    Scheduling montreal interview

    need a little help, i'm having problem's uploading my photo on the site. i mean, ds160. it shows, please try again later.. been doing it aince this morning..