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  1. where do you live here in MI? I am almost 5 years here already.. I've met some filipinos, but... for some reason, I didn't connect with them.. I always go back to Windsor (where I lived before I came here) I would say, change is only constant..and filipinos are not excused when they already adopt their new environment. I maybe wrong though.. private message me if you're interested, I might help with where to go or shop or just hang out.. I don't work and I am currently on a waiting list before I can go back to school..
  2. luckily I do have SSS id, BIR id and a very old PhilHealth id...😁
  3. I wonder if they'll allow me with my mother, unfortunately for my husband, he can't be in it then😁
  4. new us citizen here. I did not re instate my Philippine citizenship yet. we'll be taking a vacation in the Philippines on the 26th this month. while we'll be there, I am planning to open a bank account. anybody can give me insights if I can do it with my new citizenship?
  5. 3 years ago, I brought home different kinds of seeds.. an immigration officer (Palawan airport) even saw it and asked me what were they and told them just fruits seeds.. no problem at all.
  6. does your divorce already finalized? just asking because during the interview, they just asked who is living with you and what is the name of your spouse.. they did not ask about marriage anymore... just the details of your application.. so why not wait for your interview before sending them letter? you're almost there you know..
  7. so I waited to answer that question till I arrived in my oath taking ceremony place yesterday and asked the representative checking documents, and he let me answer yes and placed Canada beside it.. but everything went well, no questions asked..
  8. took my oath this morning and all is well.. Good luck everyone! now I can say, thank you so much visa journey for all your guides and helps..
  9. any opinion guys, do I need to check yes on my form N-445 YES, in #2.. since your interview have you traveled outside the US? I cross the border yesterday and today spending an hour or 2 in Canada...
  10. MY status changed after 10 mins of my interview and the letter showed in my document tab after 2 days.. my location of oath is in Lafayette in Detroit.. I was antsy when my status changed to "oath ceremony scheduled" I was soooo excited to know my date lol! good luck to you..
  11. did you get an oath taking scheduled yet? I did my test and interview at Detroit as well and my oath taking schedule is on October 7th.. we might be taking our oaths together!
  12. nope... my I-75 was approved before I applied for my N-400. I went for my N-400 with my husband but the IO did not allow him to be with me during my interview.. and also, I have my schedule for my oath taking.. October 7 at 9:30 am... good luck!
  13. your post inspired me, thought mine appeared in my document tab already, lol, I received the email yesterday but... unfortunately I still need to be patient in checking my status every after 30 mins to see when will my schedule is 😂
  14. good luck! I received an email confirmation in my case that they already sent me letter for my oath taking ceremony date.. I am too excited that I keep checking online every 30 mins.. unfortunately, its not showing it up lol! I maybe lucky to know the date tomorrow or the next day..
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